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Just in Time: 5 Solid Pieces of Advice on How to File Your Statutory Accounts Without Delay

Most corporations are required by law to submit annual filings that detail specified financial activities. Failing to keep up with this important duty can be seen as a breach of the agreement that allows a corporation to even exist.

As such, it will always be best to stay on top of statutory accounts and to develop systems that make oversights and delays less likely. The following five tips can help any corporation submit its annual statutory filings on time.

  1. Get Some Help

It is easy enough to establish a company today that many businesspeople do so without much thought or preparation. Even when things go well, though, keeping up with the associated duties, later on, can turn out to be a lot more difficult.

Fortunately, it is never necessary to struggle with issues like making sure that statutory filings get completed on time. Simply engaging the services of a company that is well-positioned to help out will always make things easier.

That never needs to be troublesome to arrange for, either. As those who go visit bswllc.com or a similar site will see, all the required assistance can be made available quite quickly.

  1. Set Up a Schedule

Companies faced with deadlines for statutory filings frequently succumb to the problems that so often come from rushing. Taking a more suitable amount of time to complete these relatively simple but important tasks will always be preferable.

The best way to ensure that can happen will normally be to establish a schedule that provides for plenty of leeways. Of course, it will also be necessary to ensure that this timetable gets respected, but this should not be difficult, in most cases.

  1. Stay Organized

Most businesses of any size are almost constantly generating reports and keeping track of accounts. Make sure that the information needed to complete statutory accounts does not get lost in that shuffle.

For instance, accountants who get buried in turning out reports meant for management can lose sight of the need to keep other sets of figures accessible. That can leave them scrambling to reconstruct calculations and activities needed when the deadline for statutory filings looms.

It will always be better to give statutory accounts a prominent place in any organizational scheme applied to such information. Although the annual nature of such filings can make them seem less important throughout the year, falling into that trap will always be painful.

  1. Get Them Right the First Time

One common reason for failing to meet a filing deadline is having an initial attempt rejected. The delay that follows can be enough to spark penalties and other undesirable consequences.

It should hardly need to be said, but accuracy is always of primary importance when filing official documents. Checking figures and calculations, again and again, should more or less be the norm.

  1. Learn From the Past

Even businesses that excel in the above respects will likely run into some occasional roadblocks come filing time. Making note of every mistake or oversight will make it possible to rule such problems out in the future.

That almost always ends up being one of the best ways to turn statutorily required annual filings into the routine and even boring sorts of activities they should be. While it can take more work and determination than many would suppose, developing reliable related processes should pay off for many years to come.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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