It’s All in the Mindset: 7 Things the Rich Do Differently With Their Money

Why are some people rich while others remain poor regardless of what they do? Mindset plays a large role in whether a person builds wealth. The following are some things rich people do that truly make a difference. Fortunately, every person can do these things and watch their bottom line grow.

Buy Used

Rich individuals recognize they can save money while still obtaining luxury items by choosing to buy used. A good example of this is luxury cars. Purchase a luxury car that is only a year or two old and save a fortune by doing so. People can obtain help from when they wish to obtain their dream car or sell one they currently own. Here one will find vehicles such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis at prices that will amaze them.

Read Books

Individuals who lack wealth tend to spend their free time watching TV. In contrast, wealthy men and women use this time to read books and better themselves. They never stop learning. The knowledge one obtains when doing so builds on itself over time and makes the person smarter. Begin reading more books and see the changes doing so makes in your life.

A failure is an Option

Rich people aren’t afraid to take chances and fail. It is often said that it takes ten people to say no before someone will hear the word yes. Steven Spielberg sent the “Star Wars” screenplay to approximately 100 studios before it was accepted according to many reports. He didn’t give up when he believed in this work and you shouldn’t either.

Follow Your Passion

Oprah was very poor growing up. How did she make it so big when others in similar situations barely get by day today? Oprah followed her passion and found a job she loved. Wealthy people go to work every day looking forward to doing so. Not only has this made her wealthy, but she also states she is fulfilled. How many poor people can say the same?

Results Matter

Poor people get paid by the hour. In contrast, rich individuals get paid on results. A CEO won’t remain in his or her position very long if the company is failing. Someone new will be brought in to provide better returns. The same is true of a coach of a professional sports team. Find a job that pays you based on the results you achieve and watch your wealth grow.

Put in the Effort

Professional athletes continue to practice every day, even when they are at the top of their game. They know the effort they put in pays off in the long run. This is true of those who are just starting out in professional sports as well as stars like Michael Jordon and Tom Brady who have become household names. Put effort into everything you do and it will pay off in the end.

Use Coupons

Wealthy Men and women often use coupons to save on items they regularly use. Why spend more than you must for essentials when coupons are available for many of these products and services? Carmelo Anthony, the NBA player, once stated people looked at him strangely at the grocery store when he would use coupons, but he didn’t care. He pointed out he is human too and likes to save money when shopping. Those who are struggling can learn from him.

Begin doing these things today. When you change your mindset and your behavior, results will be seen. Although this won’t happen overnight, you can achieve success. Stick with it and your wealth will begin to grow in less time than you may imagine.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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