Investment 101 – Don’t Spend Your Own Money!

The average investor assumes that real estate and stocks and shares are the best investments. Although they are great places to invest money, they are not the finest venture. That title belongs to projects which involve spending other people’s money. Any investor wants to make money without taking a risk, but that isn’t possible when your money is personally liable. The risk-free ventures are the ones where you stand to make money and don’t lose any if it all goes wrong. And, people will gladly hand over their cash if you have the right credentials because they need your expertise. Before you start spending it, though, you should know a few things to keep you out of trouble.

Investment 101


It’s Dangerous

As you are the one that pulls the trigger on the investments, you are the one that takes the blame should anything go wrong. And, a lot of people have taken the blame and had to visit to keep them out of jail. It is imperative, then, that someone doesn’t serve you with papers linking you with a criminal charge. To avoid this scenario, the investor needs to read the rules and regulations regarding using other people’s money. For example, the only time you can invest is if you have the person’s full consent. A trick that some hedge funds use is to a signature that states they have total control. Then, they have proof they are acting legally. Just to be sure, keep them in the loop at regular intervals.

They Will Complain

When things go wrong, which they will at times, the interested parties will turn on you before you can blink. Losing money is a problem, and you are the perfect storm when it comes to an excuse. There are two things to remember with regards to this point. The first thing to remember is to stay strong and try to forget about the complaints. As long as you can justify your methods, there is nothing they can say to get under your skin. Secondly, try and figure out their risk tolerance beforehand. If a particular client flips out when they lose money, don’t invest in the riskier ventures as their risk tolerance is low.

investment 101

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Knowledge Is The Key

The knowledge you possess is critical, but your clients also need this knowledge. No, they aren’t going to use it to their benefit regarding an investment because that is your job. What they will do is use the information to understand your methods. Any person who gives you carte blanche to use their money as you see fit deserves an explanation. Plus, it keeps the dynamic from blowing up in your face. recommends using investment goals as a means to make them feel involved. They can study the goals and how you plan to hit them while tracking them from one stage to the next.

If you do it properly, spending other people’s money is a great way to invest.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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