Investing In Property And Why More Should Do It

Trading in real estate is a lucrative business, and although the thought of investing money in property, seems a little risky, there are many benefits to investing in property. Here’s just a few to pique your interest!

Earn A Passive Income And Increased Cash Flow

Did you know that Japan is currently the world’s most traded real estate market? One of the reasons you might want to invest in property is the passive income you’ll earn when owning another property. By renting the property out, you can get a decent monthly income with little effort on your part. However, if you are renting it, you become responsible as a landlord to fix any issues a tenant may have. This can be quite stressful as problems may crop up inconveniently, but it’s, unfortunately, part and parcel of owning and renting out a property.

Having multiple properties can increase your cash flow, which comes in handy for paying off the mortgage quicker, as well as taxes and other expenses.

Tax Advantages & Appreciation

Depending on where you invest, there are some great tax advantages to investing in property. Real Estate allows for tax reductions through the cost you have of financing and operating the property. Repairs and maintenance costs that incur can also go towards reducing tax payments. In general, the property market in value tends to go up so while your paying off the loans; you could make a phenomenal profit when it comes to selling the property. That’s why investors normally play the property game for a long time instead of buying and selling quickly because it will provide them with a great retirement pot when they decide to cash it all in.

Things To Be Wary Of

There are things to be wary of though when investing in property. If it’s your first time treading the boards, consider the following:


  • Budget – Buying a property is a little pricier than buying a new piece of furniture so think about how much you can reasonably spend and don’t go above your means, even if it’s a great investment. You never know what life could throw at you.


  • LocationConsider the location and do some research on the area you are looking to buy in, particularly to do with previous valuations and whether the prices have risen in the past.
  • Legal Obligations – Owning another property ties you into a legal obligation and it’s not something that should be taken lightly. As a landlord, you have your obligations to the tenant so be sure to read up on this side of owning property too.
  • Market Crashes – They can be most unfortunate but sometimes the market can crash, leaving a lot of investors out of pocket, so always seek advice when it comes to the current state of a country’s market.



Having a property portfolio can be very exciting, and it can be a great source of extra income, with some even turning it into a full-time career. But like any investments, the property market does come with its own risks, so be cautious and do plenty of research before you invest.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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