How To Save Money on Home Window Repair

Besides the annoying squeaky noises and difficulty opening and closing our windows, most of us don’t really consider how much money faulty windows contribute to our monthly household expenses and that most faulty window problems can be fixed with a little, cost effective, DIY.

Before we go in to the tips and tricks to cost effectively repair your windows, let us look at the ways faulty windows are adding extra dollars to your household expenses.

Air leakage:

Faulty windows are one of the top contributors of air leakage and insulation problems in households. This contributes  a few dollars to your energy bill each month as heat seeps through holes and cracks  and while most of us don’t really notice these dollars, in the long run they add up to a significant amount of money that could be saved or spent on other more important things.

Overspending on future renovation projects:

Small faults and problems, if left unattended, may lead to costly repairs or complete window replacements in the near future that could have been otherwise avoided.  Regular maintenance and inspection could save you a lot of dollars, time and effort.

DIY tips to help you save money on your home window repairs:

Window Glass problems:

  • While the actual glass might needs a professional to replace or repair, the issues surrounding the glass could be addressed through DIY tricks. Most glass is held in place by points and often sealed with putty. If you notice that there are gaps in the putty or places where it’s cracked, you can purchase putty for around $33 and fill the gaps or replace old putty.
  • This enables you to reduce the risk of loose glass from breaking by keeping it steady and in its place.

Wooden windows:

  • When it comes to wooden windows the damage always seems worse than it actually is. Problems such as rot can be addressed by applying penetrating liquid epoxy. Liquid epoxy will not only repair the rot and damage to your window sills and fill in holes but it is also paintable and easy to sand.
  • Tubular vinyl and adhesive foam are some of the weather-stripping solutions that can be applied to fix air gaps that form as sashes and stops wear with age. Another option is to use V-shaped spring bronze weather stripping to apply pressure to the window sash. This permanently closes the gap but still allows flexibility of movement to the sash.
  • If the sash on your window has difficulty staying up the problem could be with the chain or chord. Replacing a chain or chord is quick and easy and can be done in less than an hour.
  • Layers of paint can hinder the smooth operating of your sashes and stops and block your window pulley. By scraping off excess paint and adding a light lubricant the problem can be fixed.

Non wooden window (aluminum/fiberglass/vinyl):

  • Most gaps, rips and holes on non-wooden windows can be repaired by removing the sash and using a silicone sealant as filler.
  • The window Gaskets however may need a professional to fix and restore, this can be done by contacting the manufacturer or a specialist.
  • To prevent water from damaging the wooden core of your aluminum/clad/vinyl windows caulk all holes or cracks as soon as you notice them.

While these DIY tips might not be the solution to all your window repair problems, they can help you address minor issues now that can lead to money saved in the future.

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