There have been a lot of developments in the world which can be directly linked to the financial crisis. The current financial problems of Spain, Greece, Malta and even Iceland, were all due to the way financial risks are leveraged by big banks and financial institutions. The financial strength of China is also another factor which has direct bearing in our daily lives. In an age where every country is dependent on every other country for their financial health, it makes sense for ordinary people to start saving and investing along a wide spectrum of financial instruments.

For Internet marketers and even for small investors, investing in gold can be an enticing investment platform. For veteran affiliate marketers, there is actually no difference between what they do on a regular day-to-day basis with that of gold affiliates. Of course, there are several differences. For one, this is a service which can turn into a very lucrative long-term relationship. Also, the current state of online gold investments has become very fluid.

gold bars

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Gold has awed humankind for thousands of years. It is a standard for money, trade as well as for industry. As a financial instrument, it is no longer used as a reserve for a country’s financial standing. Gold is no longer used to back paper money. However, because the value of gold has never wavered, and in fact has increased in recent years, there are more ways to invest in gold than ever before.

Gold Trading

Traditional gold trading used certified gold coins, or gold certificates. The gold itself is kept in vaults and are never seen by the owners. The certificates can serve as vouchers or for trading. These are bought and sold in exchanges or through licensed and registered traders who have an international clientele. While gold increases in value, the certificates increase in value as well. Selling the gold is as easy as selling the certificates. This is true of gold coins as well. Other small traders who want to have their own gold store would buy gold items. Ostensibly for display or ornamental purposes, these items can be sold when there is the need for money. Old rich families have gold items in their houses and mansions precisely for this purpose.

Current gold trading has made use of the Internet, Internet marketing, online sales, as well as online instruments. These methods have also made it possible for smaller investors to get into gold investing very easily.

Gold Internet Marketing

  1. GoldMoney. This is an online institution for gold trading. This company and its website follows the traditional practices and attracts investments in the older ways of gold trading. The gold is bought, sold and kept for you. This website is also designed for larger investors.
  1. BitGold. This was designed as a site for smaller investors with more offerings. For all intents and purposes, it follows the much older gold standard of money. You buy gold, and like other gold investments and instruments, you can also trade gold. However, what makes it unique and also makes the investment even better is that you can pay someone else money straight from your Bitgold account, provided that he also has a Bitgold account. It is much like Google Money or Paypal. You can pay from Paypal if the other person has a Paypal account. But in this instance, your money is backed by gold, like in the old days.
Gold Coin

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Advantages of trading in gold

Gold is one safe haven when economies turn sour. The gold prices also appreciate as time passes. There may be no interest when keeping your money in gold, but the appreciation of the prices is much better than standard interest rates. Using Bitgold, your money is not locked up in a gold investment. In other investment instruments, the money is not liquid and the investment has to be sold first before the money can be used. With Bitgold, the gold is the money, and the investment is almost liquid and can be used for actually buying or selling anything else.

Affiliate program

A lot of internet marketers have decided to join the Bitgold affiliate program. These marketers are not just selling an Internet service; they are selling a gold investment service, risk-free. This is a lot better and an easier thing to sell. Most Internet marketers would only sell something that they understand. Gold as money is very easy to understand. Gold’s price appreciation is also easy to understand. Customers can also easily understand that their money is not tied up in the investment. At any time they can sell, because there are buyers.

Getting people to click through is also easy because the products and services are proven institutions and have a track record to that is spotless.

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