How to Drive Down the Cost of Postgraduate Study

Embarking on a postgraduate study route can be an excellent decision, no matter which industry you work in or your area of expertise. Earning a master’s degree or even going on to study on a doctorate program can be one of the best ways to open up new career opportunities for yourself and even participate in important research which could be influential in shaping the future of your chosen industry or topic of study. But, undertaking postgraduate study can often be expensive, and being unable to afford any further education is one of the main reasons why many students stop after completing their undergraduate degree. But, if you have your heart set on pursuing a postgraduate course, there are many different ways in which you can save money on your education. We’ve listed some of the best ways here.

Online Education

For the last decade or so, studying for a college degree online has become a far more popular choice for many students. There are many different reasons for this – online study tends to be very suited to mature students and those with other commitments such as work and family, who often opt for online education due to the high level of flexibility that it offers. For postgraduate students, online study is not only a great alternative to on-campus study that allows them to do more work in their own time and design a schedule that suits them, it can also be the cheapest option, with online course tuition fees usually priced much lower. Whether you’re hoping to pursue a doctorate in education, an MBA, or a doctorate in nursing practice, studying online can make the whole process much more affordable.

Research Funding

For postgraduate students who are embarking on a doctorate course or a PhD in their chosen field of study, researching new topics and ideas in the industry is often an important part of study. Many postgraduate students are able to apply for funding from various organizations, such as the American Nurses Association, which often provides funding and support for students who are pursuing a doctor of nursing practice program and playing an important part in researching various topics which are likely to shape the future of nursing.

Teaching Work

Many postgraduate students will subsidize their studies by applying for teaching positions at the universities, colleges and schools at which they study. Many students who are pursuing programs such as doctorate and PhD courses do so in order to qualify to teach at the college level, and teaching workshops and seminar classes whilst studying is often one of the best ways to gain valuable experience and even increase their chances of getting a job once their studies have ended. Teaching at the college where you study can make postgraduate study much more affordable, as although you may still need to pay tuition fees, you will be able to gain some of that money back via your teaching salary.

Studying for a postgraduate degree can be costly, but there are many innovative ways to drive this expense down.


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