How Much Money Can You Make with Megatypers?

Back a few years ago I wrote about megatypers here. But I decided to write another article about my recent experience with them and talk about how much money you can actually make.

I like to be upfront and go ahead and tell you that I don’t recommend megatypers.  I think its a waste of time.  I do think you are better off creating a website, building an audience, and monetizing that audience. (start by signing up for siteground hosting).

Megatypers Isn’t Great

So here’s a quick video of me working through a couple of megatypers captchas:

Keep in mind that I am not very fast at this so you can probably get a lot faster with some practice.

But I mean really? This is a terrible job.

My Calculations

I solved these at a rate of about 9 seconds per. My payout rate is 60 cents per 1,000 solved. That means that it would take me over 2 hours to solve 1,000 of these (putting me at less than $0.30 per hour).

Ok, lets say I get really good at this and can do 1,000 per hour which I think would be super hard. Then I might get some bonuses or extra pay so lets say I get $1.00 per 1000. That is still just $1.00 per hour.  Now I’m not sure what country you live in or how much a dollar is worth to you but I know that if you are reading this (in English) then you can find a better online job than this.

Better Method Than Megatypers

What else is out there? Well a ton of stuff.  It depends on how much time you want to spend learning, how much money you want to invest, and how much money you want to make. First of all I would say try something like which is a little more complicated but pays a lot better.

Lets pretend that you are not great or confident at English so we will use the example of wordpress website maintenance. This would include the tasks of comment checking, updating plugins/themes, checking contact emails, and updating old links.

In order to learn these skills… Google. Just google around and search for things like “how to manage wordpress comments” , “how to update old links in wordpress”, and “how to maintain a wordpress site”. Spend a full day reading as much as you can about these topics.

Next you will need to setup your own website to advertise to your potential clients as well as get in some practice using your skills.

Go to siteground to get started. Here’s a video on what to do:

After you get all set up with siteground and have wordpress installed, you need to build out your website. I have a step by step process that I can give you for free. I already have a template on wordpress that you can use and set up your website with just a few clicks.

I also have lots of tips on how you can start getting clients and build your profile. It isn’t as easy as typing in captchas all day but it is a lot more fun and a lot more money.

Just put in your email below to get the full process:

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