Growing Your Business: 5 Reasons to Attend Trade Shows More Often

Businesses that exhibit at trade shows gain access to opportunities that elude competitors. Despite this fact, many companies attend trade shows quite a bit less frequently than they could.

Exhibit designers and builders like Team One Exhibits make it easy to acquire everything needed to establish a fruitful trade show presence. There are five great reasons almost any company with a business-to-business (B2B) component should consider attending trade shows more often.

  1. Generate More Leads

There are many ways for B2B companies to generate leads, some of which receive plenty of attention thanks to seeming particularly modern and compelling. Some of the most effective lead generation techniques, though, have been around for decades or even longer.

Trade shows certainly fit this mold, with such events having been held for centuries. Even a relatively modest trade show can allow a business to cultivate and qualify dozens of potential leads every hour.

Given that it tends to be quite affordable to exhibit at trade shows, the required investment will almost always be repaid. While it can take a bit of thinking and preparation to use trade shows to produce new leads, the results often keep piling up for years.

  1. Keep Up With the Industry

Even companies seen as leaders of particular industries regularly make the mistake of losing touch with what is happening around them. That can see a name that was once widely admired becoming little more than an afterthought.

Attend trade shows frequently enough and it will become almost impossible to fall so far behind. Even a few minutes spent walking the floor between sessions will inevitably reveal plenty of developments worth looking into.

  1. Engage in More Personal Sorts of Marketing

Many B2B companies struggle with striking the right balance between institutional-seeming, confidence-inspiring marketing and the personal sorts that are often used with consumers. Trade shows make it easy to combine persuasively authoritative case-making with the kinds of face-to-face interaction that leverage human feelings.

It can take a fair amount of work to figure out who in an organization is best equipped to deliver on both fronts. Some especially successful trade show exhibition teams, though, end up being the most effective marketers for their employers of all.

  1. Make Your Brand More Visible

While it will always be best to draw crowds at trade shows, even just having a presence can pay off. Today’s exhibit designers can convey a lot of brand-building information in the time it takes to glance over a booth.

Some companies avoid exhibiting at trade shows because they believe they have all the bases covered. Even a relatively modest trade show program that aims strictly at brand building, though, can easily end up becoming a valuable asset.

  1. You Can Build Valuable Relationships

Connecting with others in the same industry is a time-honored way to develop useful relationships and become privy to new opportunities. Trade shows truly excel in this respect, with no other sort of event typically being so rich with networking options.

A company that does a good job of making the most of trade shows should almost always benefit in these five ways and others. Even businesses that already take trade shows seriously can often do even better to exhibit at more of them. Fortunately, building up a strong trade show program strategy has never been easier.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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