Groupon TurboTax Discounts (You can Still do Your Taxes)

So I was doing some light reading on the IRS website about filing season statistics. I know you are thinking I’m crazy but I realized that a lot of people (roughly 16 million last year) filed their taxes after May. That number may be skewed because it actually represents the number of 1040 tax returns but either way you get my point. I decided to write this post to remind you to do your taxes and to tell you about groupon.

Turbotax is Awesome

I use turbo tax and was able to get my taxes done a little early this year. I have a small business and some non traditional forms of income and expenses so it can sometimes be a little time consuming to get all the stuff together. I love how easy it is to do my taxes with turbo tax.

Every now and then their software will pop up with an error that I can’t correct. In that case I just email their customer service and they get back to me usually immediately if not then within the next 24 hours. I have found their customer service to be super knowledgeable which is something unfortunately a bit rare these days.

Groupon Discounts for Turbotax

Groupon is a great place to get discounts for all kinds of stuff. But did you know that its not just for local group discounts? That’s what I realized recently. If you go to the turbotax discounts page, you will see lots of great deals for turbo tax right now.

What you should do

If you haven’t done your taxes, go do them. Go download turbo tax with the groupon discount and get to it. Turbo tax will audit all the work and get you the best return. If you do qualify for a return then you actually don’t have to pay late fees. (You’re just letting the US government borrow money for a bit, good for you).



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