The energy crisis is real.  Climate change is a problem.  But what on earth can we do about it?  Being energy efficient around the house is not only a great thing to look into for our environment, but it also is beneficial for the other type of green — our wallets!

The Learning Thermostat

One great way to save money and energy is by cutting down on our climate control usage.  Now that we can finally start thinking about turning down the heat, we have a short window until we’ll be blasting that air conditioning.  So why not think about installing a new Learning Thermostat, like Nest?  Simple to install and simple to learn, Nest programs itself to automatically lower your energy bill by learning the temperatures you like, and remembering a schedule, figuring out when you’re away from home and adjusting itself accordingly.  As if that weren’t good enough, you can access your Nest from anywhere there’s WiFi.  A one time fee can save you thousands in energy bills over time, and with these deals, the time is right now to start thinking about cutting back on your carbon footprint.  With technology evolving at its current rate, thinking about the environment has never been easier.

Another simpler way to think about going green is to switch over to energy efficient light bulbs.  You can pick them up in small or large quantities at any Home Depot in a variety of different wattage.  This very simple switch can save you anywhere from 25%-80% more energy, saving you money while still providing the exact same amount of light as an ordinary bulb.  There are three different options for more energy efficient lighting: Halogen, CFL, and LED (on sale now).  According to the EPA, replacing just five of your most used bulbs with energy efficient bulbs can save you $75 annually.  Jump on that eco-friendly train and explore some energy saving bulb options!

Did you know that improperly sealed and insulated walls can account for up to 20% heat loss in your home?  Sometimes the answer to saving energy and money is as simple as making sure windows, doors, and walls are thoroughly cushioned.  By switching over to Energy Star products, like insulation, caulk, and spray foam, you can save up to $200 annually on climate control costs.


Enough about energy!  Let’s talk about water.  If you haven’t heard of the WaterSense label, you might want to look into appliances that have received this wondrous seal of approval.  There are now a wide range of WaterSense labeled toilets, faucets, shower heads, irrigation controllers, and washers.  Everyone knows that we can help cut down our water usage by fixing leaks, making sure the tap is turned off when we’re brushing our teeth or when it’s not in use, by taking shorter showers, etc. but WaterSense approved appliances also cuts down on water usage while the tap is on.  If a typical US household spends $1,100 annually on water, these appliances can cut that cost down by about $350.  If we can cut down our usage on our most precious resource while also saving money, it’s definitely worth looking into (especially now that Sears is offering an extra $50 off plus delivery!).

Nowadays it’s so easy to cut down on our energy usage.  Even if none of these methods appeal to you, any way you can contribute to lessening a carbon footprint, the better off your wallet will fare, and mother nature will follow suit.  It’s a win-win!  Go green, save green.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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