Frugal Living: Cut Costs and Save Money

The cost of living is high, and for many of us, wages are relatively low. Just when you get out of one pickle with money, you can find yourself hit with another expense or bill. More often than not you can find yourself with ‘too much month at the end of your money’ and making ends meet can be difficult.

Perhaps you’ve developed an illness or had an accident that’s left you out of work, if you haven’t received all of the money you’re entitled to you might need a disability attorney. However going through that process can take time, and so having money to fall back on can be helpful. But to be able to save, you need to be making cutbacks elsewhere and plus, living a frugal life, in general, can help you to stay in control of your finances. Here are some ideas.

Set a Budget

You need to know exactly what you have coming in going out each month to be able to work out your budget. When you know this information it gives you total control over your money, you’re never caught short and don’t end up spending money that was meant for a bill.  A budgeting app or tool could will get you started, from there you can work out your expendable income and spend or save it accordingly.

Cook From Scratch

One of the biggest expenses in many households is food. Buying pre-packaged food and ready meals as well as other convenience foods (such as pre-grated, pre-chopped etc.) will always cost you more. Buy ingredients and cook your own foods from scratch, avoid pricey conveniences as they will bump up your food bill considerably. If you don’t have time to cook every night after work, you could spend a few hours at the weekend batch cooking. Portion out the finished meal into Tupperware boxes and freeze- you then have healthy, inexpensive home cooked meals whenever you need them. Having a well-stocked store cupboard is another way your money can go further. Add tins, jars, dried grains like pasta and rice and herbs and spices to your pantry. When times are lean, you can cook meals from here without having to go and spend on fresh ingredients.

Save What You Can

If you’re already struggling month to month, saving money can seem like it’s not an option. However any little you can save will add up. It could be a few coins from your pocket saved in a money jar, or a case of transferring your last dollar before payday into a separate bank account. If you’re hit with an unexpected expense, any money you have towards it is going to be helpful.


We live in very wasteful times. If something goes out of style, we throw it away. If something gets damaged we bin it. However, repurposing and repairing things can save a lot of money. If an item of furniture is cosmetically out of fashion, why not upcycle it instead of buying new? If buttons fall off your shirt or it comes apart along a seam, why not try and repair it before giving up entirely and buying another? You could save yourself a tonne of cash.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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