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Okay, so the title is kind of click bait and there aren’t legitimate ways to get free money. However, if all you’re after is making a couple of savings with vouchers, coupons and some clever thinking, then here are a couple of ways on how you can get some free money.

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Mail-in rebates

When you purchase certain items, such as computer components, on the internet, you might have the opportunity to get a mail-in rebate. This essentially means that you can claim cash back on a purchase and this makes certain purchases a lot cheaper than you would first expect. However, it’s important that you actually do the rebate instead of leaving it to rot and possibly expire.

Get your own back

There are times when you’ll suffer an accident or injury and do nothing about it. You’ll get up, shrug it off, and walk away to continue your work. There are, however, ways to turn this misfortune around and get your own back. By contacting a trusted attorney company such as Zlotolow and Associates, you’ll have the expert advice and guidance you need to make a successful claim and receive compensation for your troubles. No matter how minor or major the situation, it’s never a good idea to stay silent and let people get away with what they do.

Coupons and vouchers

Coupons can be worth a considerable amount of money if you’re lucky to pick a good one. However, keep in mind that although it does make items cheaper, it’s designed to get you to spend in places where you don’t normally spend. For instance, you could get a coupon deal for something that’s way out of your town or doesn’t deliver to your location. It’s a good idea to always check for online coupons before buying something that has a “discount code” box to fill in.

Sell your stuff

If you’ve bought a bunch of electronics and computer equipment in the past, then you’re probably no stranger to having loads of boxes and random objects around the house. If you find something such as an old computer or a PC that hasn’t been used for years, then it might be worth a considerable amount of money for budget computer builders. Remember to post your items on a popular website such as eBay if you want the most exposure and do some research before you decide on a price. Instead of just selling your items, you could also sell your assets. This could be property around the town that you don’t need, a house you never visit anymore or anything along those lines.

Online get rich quick schemes

This isn’t a recommendation but more like an “avoid”. Yes, free money can exist in some forms, but getting rich quick is almost always going to be flawed and a scam. Don’t let people trick you with their promises and, again, always do your research on these shady websites before you give them a single penny. If anything is asking you to pay money up front, even if it’s just a guide, then don’t let it fool you.


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