Five Money Rules That Should Never Be Ignored

The internet is a smorgasbord of financial advice, which means that whenever there is an issue in your financial life, it’s the first place that you turn. The problem with internet advice is that financial matters are not one size fits all. Sometimes, the advice that you need has to come from a place that knows you and knows your financial habits. It can be very tempting to ignore some of the advice that is out there, but there are some principles that are fundamental and that shouldn’t be overlooked by you. We can call these ‘money rules’, and as we all know, rules aren’t made to be broken. Below, you’ll find five of the most important money rules that should never be swept to one side and ignored.

Automate Your Finances

The banks are already moving toward it with online banking, and life is so busy that sometimes you need to embrace technology when it comes to your money. Before you know it, the bills that needed paying just get missed out. By automating your bills, you can ensure that they go out of your account on time every time every month. Once you set up regular payments, you can keep better track of where your money is going.

Don’t Be An Ostrich

Burying your head in the sand when it comes to money isn’t going to make the problems go away. You can get help with a wide range of tax problems and debt issues so there’s no reason you should hide and hope it goes away. Face financial problems head-on and they’ll be fixed in no time at all.

Avoid Deprivation

Being disciplined with your money is a wonderful way to be. The thing is, the more you say no, the more you’ll crave it. So, stop saying no! Allow yourself a treat with your cash sometimes, because once you do, you’re going to be able to relax without ruining your progress. This way, you won’t cheat big time on your own budget!

Save Money

 When you choose to save your cash, you are working toward an emergency fund that will rescue you when you need it the most. Don’t stop saving just because you may be in a financial pinch; in fact, use it as a reason to save even more money. Put your spare change away and watch it build for your financial future.

Don’t Waste

There are many pretty, shiny things in the stores that will capture your attention. No matter where you go, the sales signs will flash brightly and make you reach for your wallet. You have to always ask yourself if you NEED the thing you’re looking at or if you WANT it. Don’t waste your money on ‘stuff’.

Money doesn’t have to be hard to manage. If you play by your own rules, you’re going to have a healthy relationship with your finances and do better as life moves forward. Spend wisely, save wisely and manage smartly.



Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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