At SET Financial, a financial services company, they are always on the lookout for ways to help their customers use technology to better manage their finances.  While many people are having trouble managing their money, the apps that are currently available make it much easier to keep track of the statistics.  Using a mobile app to track your finances saves you time and allows you to access your account data anytime you have connection to the internet.  Here is a roundup of some of the best personal finance apps currently available for smart phones. is an all-around finance tool for the budget conscious individual.  Whenever you are connected to the internet, this tool lets you see all of your recent transactions.  It places all of your spendings into categories so that you can see where the most money is coming out each week.  And best of all, it lets you set up an alert that tells you when you’re about to go over your budget.  You’ll know with a click of a button whether you have enough money left over this week to buy that latte.


Level Money

Level money is perhaps one of the most user-friendly apps on the market right now.  It breaks all of your spendings into attractive charts and graphics that are easy for anyone to understand.  The app can show you how much you’ve spent this week, how much you have left to spend in your budget, and it can also keep track of your income and upcoming bills.  With these statistics, you can easily see whether or not you are meeting your budget goals on a consistent basis.

Financial Mobile Money App

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Saved Plus

Saved Plus allows you to manage your spendings across multiple bank accounts.  For the person who has multiple accounts and lots of bills to track, this app handily puts everything in one place.  You can also automatically send a percentage of your purchases into your savings account. Every time you splurge, your savings account automatically gets a boost.  This app is ideal for those who have trouble setting aside money into their savings account on their own.


Pocket Expense

Pocket expense is another great app that is easy for everyone to use.  One of its handiest features is its thorough categorization of all of your expenses.  You can control the categories of spending, which are then color coded and added to your charts.  A pie graph shows you where the most of your money is going to each month.  You can easily see which sections of the graph is too big and where you can start cutting back.



Dollarbird is handy in that it lets you put all of your spendings onto a calendar.  You can see how much you’ve spent each day, look at what times of month you are spending the most, and map out future expenses onto the calendar.  This app is ideal for those who want a visual map of their spending related to time, but those who simply want to know what’s in their bank account might choose a different app.



Spendee is another app that is easy to use and has a lot of features.  You can track your expenses in various categories.  Click on one category and see everything that you’ve purchased in the past month.  This allows you to easily track which expenses you could cut out of your budget.  This app is available for only $1.99.


When choosing which one of these apps to use, consider how you track your finances.  If you are interested in knowing all of the details and doing a close analysis of your money, choose an app with a lot of features and data.  If you simply want to make sure you’re not going over budget, a simpler app with streamlined features would be better for you.  No matter which of these top apps you choose, you’re sure to have a much easier time keeping track of your finances.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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Bill Nast - Finance Squiggle - February 15, 2014

I use Check for my iPhone and iPad. It has all the same features of Mint, a very popular app. I like it more than Mint, however, because it syncs very well. Mint would always need updates and would have errors connecting to my accounts, whereas Check always works.

Debt Snowball Calculator - July 28, 2014

I MAKE USE OF settlement regarding MY PERSONAL Iphone 4gs ALONG WITH iPad. It has all the same provides associated with Mint, a great very popular app. when i including The idea more than Mint, however, because This syncs very well. Mint would always need news letters AND ALSO would have errors connecting to MY accounts, whereas transaction always works.


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