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No matter how much we would like to avoid it, growing old is an inescapable fact that we all have to come to terms with eventually.  We cannot change it, but we can make sure that it is a little bit more comfortable when the time comes by taking retirement planning seriously.

There are a surprisingly high number of people who are nearing or entering retirement without any solid financial plan in place for the future.  While most do worry about what life will be like when they no longer have a monthly pay check to rely on, a large percentage of them do not do anything about these worries.  In order to make a plan for the future, it is important to set clear financial goals and to start planning as early as possible.

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What are Your Plans for the Future?

We all have our own personal life goals – building a family, owning our own home, reaching the top level of our chosen career and so on.  These goals are constantly shifting as our lives change, but one goal which tends to remain fairly constant is how we wish to spend the last third of our lives.  Some wish to retire to somewhere warm while others just want to have some sort of legacy to leave their children.  The only way to achieve these goals is to start planning for retirement at the earliest opportunity.

Do You Know Where You Stand Financially?

The first step involves making a careful evaluation of your current financial position.  You need to think about your current income and expenditure and take into account any debts you are carrying.  Think about how long it is going to take you to clear those debts, as you do not want to be carrying them after retirement.  It may be that you need to consider paying down debts before starting to invest in the future.  The goal here is to have enough money to live comfortably through your retirement.

It’s Time to Discuss Your Options

Once you have evaluated your situation it is time to consider your options in terms of making a plan.  There are many different retirement plans and investment opportunities out there and sorting through them can be daunting.  You may wish to enlist the services of an independent financial adviser like to help you make a short list of your preferred options.

Some input from an expert can be valuable when it comes to understanding how the various plans fit into your retirement goals and how they impact tax and other matters.  This is a very important decision so it is best to be well informed before making a choice.  You need to be sure that your plan will sustain you for the duration of your retirement.

It is never too early to start thinking about your retirement.  It is something that those in their twenties rarely consider, but the sooner you start preparing for your later years the more comfortable they will be.  No one wants to spend his retirement working a part time job or struggle to make ends meet and early retirement planning is the key to enjoying your old age.


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