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Do you have a rural or remote home and are wondering what you can do to safeguard it?

Living in an urban area has its perks, but it is also a pain because of the insecurity that accompanies it. However, urban areas are not the only places where theft and insecurity is a problem, but also there are increasing cases of that in rural areas.

If you have a home in a rural area or a remote place, you may be wondering what measures you can take to keep it safe. Here are some ideas you can use from total protect home warranty reviews to give you some peace of mind.

Getting a dog

This is among the most affordable and easy ways of getting some defense for your house. Why it works most of the time is surprisingly not the size of the dog itself, but rather the noise it makes which will attract attention. That is why a guard dog is so valuable for upgrading your home security.

However, before you go ahead to get a dog, you need to understand the difference between watch dogs and guard dogs. Think of watch dogs as a personal alarm system of your car or house, because they will get vocal once they sense there is something off about their surroundings. They will also bark as much as possible until the owner addresses the situation. Guard dogs usually do the same job, although they will go further to confront the intruders so that they protect the property or owner at all costs.

Very many dogs only function as watch dogs, and any breed out there is fine for the job. You can also find them easily from shelters and train them to alert you if something is amiss.

However, guard dogs are completely different. Many dogs will alert you when an intruder is present, but very few dogs will be willing to engage with the intruder unless they have some protection training, or they have been cornered and are trying to defend themselves. True guard dogs are very confident, and very dominant in their nature, and they therefore require owners that are knowledgeable and have plenty of experience with the advantages and liabilities of owning such a dog.

Putting up signs

Sometimes, people will enter your property illegally, such as a hunter entering your land without permission. Other people may not realize that they are trespassing on your land because they may not think anyone lives there at that moment.

Many people understand that someone who is trying to steal from your home will not be deterred by a sign alone, but it is still important to put it there for some legal reasons, as well as to act as a warning.

Among the classic signs that you can put on your property is the ‘No Trespassing’ sign. If your house is located within a rural area that has a large piece of land, the signs should surround every part of the perimeter. To enhance security at the front gate, you need to also put this sign on the gates of the private road or driveway.

You can also put ‘Beware of dogs’, regardless of whether or not you on a dog. The signs should all be put in an easily accessible area as well as easy-to-see locations. To make it even more serious, you can put variants of this sign, so that possible intruders do not ignore it. Make it as serious as possible, and you can even put a phone number on the sign.

You can install security cameras if you have the funds for it, although you can choose to include it in the warning sign or not.

Adding Locking doors

An unspoken rule in rural areas (at leastmost of them) is never enter the home unless the person in question is expecting you to come. Gates are a good example of that, because they will discourage intruders from accessing your home.

When you combine the use of a gate with perimeter fences, it can stop people from entering your property as well. You do not need to make this perimeter fence using stones or expensive material – you can use natural materials like logs, since this is the countryside and these materials are in abundance.

Utilize perimeter fences

If you never thought about it, there are many benefits that come with using perimeter fences toenhance your security. It acts as both a physical and visual barrier to intruders, and can also be a useful guide in showing the extent of your property.

The good news is effective perimeter fences do not need to be costly or substantial. It can be as simple as putting some barbed wire or electric wire that is connected to a solar power charger. That alone is enough to notify anyone that they have entered private property and they should stop trying to enter.

If anyone wants to enter your space after seeing this, they will eventually do, but you can discourage their efforts even more by using a combination of electric fences and multi-strand barbed wire, or even growing thorny bushes along the fence.

Invest in security cameras

If you have the funds, this can be among the best investments you can make to improve your security. They will not actively stop intruders from entering of course, but they will give you enough evidence that will help you when you go the police or take the person to court.

The prices of surveillance cameras is not as expensive as they were in the past, and advances in technology have led to apps being developed that allow you to monitor the activity through mobile apps.

In case you want versatile cameras or are going for affordability, game cameras are a good idea. You can install them almost anywhere and they are particularly good for woody areas, as well as being a good fit for harsh weather conditions.

Final thoughts

Investing in your home security is a worthwhile task, even in your rural home. It is therefore good to follow the tips above as well as invest in other ways of building up your security, while avoiding cases of theft.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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