Dispelling the Negative Personal Loan Myth

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When anyone talks about taking out a loan, there will always be someone raising their eyebrows and coming forth with a cautionary anecdote to tell or a word of warning to share. But negative tales regarding loans are often exaggerated or leave out some details regarding the individual’s negligent behavior. As long as you are well informed, sensible with your lending and keep to repayments, there will be no negative repercussions from taking a loan out. It’s time to dispel the negative connotations around loans, as they might be exactly what you need.

Is a Loan a Good Idea?

Loans – The Real Truth is that the success of any loan is almost entirely dependent on the individual taking it out. Personal loans, otherwise known as unsecured loans, are often preferable when it comes to borrowing money. They do not require the use of collateral (for example your house or car), and thus your collateral cannot be repossessed down the line. Just remember to know how much you want to request and ensure that you can afford the repayments. It is as easy as that. As long as you commit to the terms and conditions, there will be no problems.

How Do Loans Work?

Different types of the loan have different purposes. A loan for higher education is a “student loan” and will be put towards tuition fees and maintenance during your studies. A loan for a home is a “mortgage loan” and will go towards the purchase of a house. A personal loan, however, can be for a whole manner of purposes. You will approach the appropriate lender for your needs, fill out an application and wait for approval. If approved, the money will most often be sent to you in a lump sum. You will then have to abide by the conditions of repayment.

personal loan

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Why Take a Personal Loan Out?

A personal loan can be used on just about anything. Lenders might want to know your intentions for taking out a loan, but once the sum is deposited, you can use it on anything legal and responsible. There are several reasons why you might want to take a personal loan out. Perhaps you’d like to finance a large purchase. Weddings are a prime reason for many people taking out personal loans. Holidays also come high on the list of reasons to borrow large amounts of cash. Another valid reason is to better handle your personal debt. If you have a large amount outstanding on credit cards, you might take a loan out to clear them. This is beneficial as you then only have to make repayments to one source, rather than multiple agencies. The interest on a loan may well be much lower than the APR on your current credit cards too. A final reason, for the more financially savvy amongst us, is to improve your credit rating. If you make regular repayments for a small loan on time, your credit score will increase, giving you higher chances of being approved for larger loans, such as mortgages.


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