7 Weird Claims of Personal Injuries

There are some outrageous personal claims that make you laugh all day.  However, no matter how they look absurd these people end up getting awesome compensations.  Here are some of the strangest personal claims that will make you to think twice before completely writing off your personal injuries and terming them as useless.

A Young Clubber Received £4,500 When a Rapper Named Dappy Spat Him

David Jenkins just finished his evening at a Shell station in Guildford, where he heard two young women talking.  Dappy of N-Dubz then pulled over and got those two women into a garage, and began flirting with the girls.  These women though, rejected Dappy, and that’s when Dappy became violent.  David then entered the garage, which followed by Dappy spitting on David’s face.  The rest of the story is history as David won an amazing £4,500 compensation.

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Woman Sued Her Hair Salon for a Weighty £5,750 after Booking In a Few Too Many Bleaching Sessions

Everyone knows that bleach destroys the hair in the end – even Lady Gaga, who could afford a high-level hair care, adheres to wigs!  However, ‘Miss M’ booked a bleaching session once a month for several years at her local hair salon in Manchester and was horrified when her hair started to fall.  ‘Miss M’ then demanded the hair salon a whooping £5,750 compensation for the loss of hair and self-esteem.

Teacher Scored a Whopping £150,000 if He Loses His Voice Yelling at Students

Joyce Walters, a teacher in London, spent too much time raising his voice at the students, which ended in a hoarse voice.  In the end, he won an impressive £150,000 in compensation!  We all know that working with kids can be a tough job, but to be honest, so do other jobs.

In 2005, an American by the Name of Austin Aitken Filed a Case Against American TV Show

He was feeling drowsy and nauseous when he watched the participants eating rats and demanded a $50,000 compensation.  The court has closed the case for incorrect explanation against the claim.

Frozen Turkey

In Manchester, a women rang on Christmas day to ask how long the turkey should be cooked and argued that if they made some mistakes, the entire family could end up with food poisoning.

weird claims of personal injuries

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‘Family Jewel’ is Gone

A man received £84,000 after he suffered erectile dysfunction after an injury to his private parts after it was stuck on the petrol tank of his motorbike after colliding with a third party.  Talk about bad luck.

Hot Coffee

Have you ever seen one of those signs on your coffee cup and it says, “Caution, Hot Contents”?  Well, it’s printed there for a reason.  One of the reasons is the temperature of the coffee can get as hot as 180 degrees.  Try dipping your finger into 180 degrees water (or any liquid), and you will feel the time stops for a minute.  McDonald’s had been refusing to take action on this matter, and when a lady spilt her coffee and seriously injured herself, she filed a claim and was actually compensated $2.7 million!  Want to know how much of that money went to her skin grafts surgery?  $800!

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Shobir | Find Some Money - November 18, 2013

It’s outrageous how much compensation is flying around for the most trivial of injuries. I guess people see it as a legitimate way of making money. I had to read the compensation amount twice for the McDonald’s case, who would have thought a spill of coffee could turn your entire fortune around. Great article, really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing.

    Arnel Ariate - November 19, 2013

    Hi, Shobir. I guess we should never underestimate the power of a coffee spill. Thank you for visiting us here in Money Soldiers. 🙂

Nick - November 18, 2013

I’m flabbergasted, clearly these people like to make a living on suing other people. I guess we live in an age where everyone is looking to capitalize ans take advantage which makes people even more defensive towards helping other people. I remember hearing about the burglar who fell on a kitchen knife and sued the homeowner for damage! It’s just crazy, absolutely crazy!

    Arnel Ariate - November 19, 2013

    Hi, Nick. A burglar who fell on a kitchen knife sued the homeowner for damage. Wow! I am mind-blown. :O

John Carter - February 2, 2015

I always wonder how these weird personal injury cases get compensation.


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