Could Less Mean More Money In Your Office?

Unless you’ve been asleep for the past two years, the chances are that you’ve noticed a trend called minimalism. This interior design choice has taken our homes very much by storm. It’s such a popular choice now that the chances are you’ve included it in at least one of your rooms at home by this stage. There’s something pleasing about white walls and less furniture.

Despite that, you haven’t so much as considered whether minimalism would be a good choice in your office space. You’re still stuck on bright colours and inspirational quotes. You’re also pretty sure that those rugs and personal additions help to put your staff at ease. As such, you wouldn’t dream of stripping things back here. That kind of thing is best left for the home, isn’t it?

Or, perhaps not. In reality, the ‘best’ office designs are changing all the time. Bright colours and busy spaces might have suited a few years ago, but we’re now noticing the benefits of minimalism at work, too. In fact, a load of companies are finding that going minimal is the best way to make the most of their money. Keep reading to find out why the same could be true for you.

Fewer upfront costs

In the majority of cases, getting our physical spaces right is one of the main expenses of starting out. If you aren’t careful, it could clear your profits before you’ve even made much. But, minimalism can save the day, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out why. When your design choice involves less rather than more, you’re sure to save yourself a small fortune. While you’ll still need basic furniture such as desks, that’s where the costs stop. When you think of it that way, this option makes total sense.

Reducing office risks

From a health and safety standpoint, the more you have in your office, the more risk there is. Carpets and clutter are prime causes of trips and slips. These could see someone seeking representation after a fall which could end up costing you a fair amount. But, you near enough remove this risk by going minimal. For one, carpets are pretty much a no-go with this design choice. Instead, you’ll likely opt for laminate floors with far less potential for trips. Not to mention that those clear aisles and empty spaces could keep everyone safe for a long time to come. And, they could do the same for your bank account.

Enhanced working conditions

It’s also possible that going minimal could see you providing the best workplace for your employees to do good work. Many studies now reveal that basic workplaces work best for concentration. Bright colours and cluttered rooms can lead to distracted thought processes. By comparison, a clear and straightforward design could harness focus. That could see you earning a whole lot more than if you painted your walls orange. Add that to the benefits mentioned about, and minimalism is a sure step towards more money.



Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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