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It is not unusual for credit card companies and large student loan companies to engage in predatory practices that violate the rights of consumers. When consumers try to settle debts with credit card companies, debt collectors and private student loan companies, these creditors are so powerful, that the outcome will not favor the consumer.  

Consumers are often unaware of the laws that protect them from becoming victims of the companies and debt collectors who use unscrupulous tactics. As a result, individuals become saddled with debt that they have no hope of paying off, resulting in their credit histories being ruined.  Not understanding their rights, some people in this situation simply give up. Chantel Grant is a female lawyer and managing partner of GM Law Firm of Boca Raton, Florida, who has been successful in helping individuals resolve issues with creditors, including student loan companies.

Chantel Grant understands that college students and their families may not fully comprehend the difference between federal student loans and private student loans. Federal student loans are made by the federal government and graduates begin repaying the loans after graduation.  Federal student loan payments are income-based, meaning that if there is a hardship that interferes with repayment of a federal loan, a graduate can request that payments be lowered or deferred for a period. Federal loans also have fixed rates, which means borrowers know exactly how much interest they required to pay on the loan.

Private student loans are different. In some cases, private lenders may require that repayments begin while a student is still in school and interest rates may be variable, which can increase the payments. When a graduate has difficulty making private loan payments, there are usually no helpful options, so graduates who cannot pay may default on these loans, which leads to bad credit.  Bad credit can prevent a graduate from purchasing vehicles and homes. Private student loans often require a cosigner, so now you have a family member or friend who is 100% on the hook for your loans, complicating an already messy situation. We have seen so many families destroyed because of cosigning related issues.

Many employers include credit checks in background investigations for prospective employees. Defaulting on a student loan can jeopardize a graduate’s chance of getting a job. Being unable to obtain a decent paying job compounds the problem of paying back a private student loan. Chantel Grant is passionate about helping clients who have experienced the challenges of private lenders harassing them,  violating their rights, and putting them in no-win situations.

Chantel Grant and GM Law Firm has represented hundreds of clients for Student Loan help who did not know where to turn for help in resolving issues of harassment and threats of lawsuits from creditors. Grant’s expert knowledge of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act makes her a skilled advocate for clients.  

Recently, through local counsel, GM Law Firm won a landmark $23,000 Navient Trial in Texas. This win was major, with the Plaintiff being so surprised that they said, “that just doesn’t happen.”  The defendant was not able to prove that the client’s loan was bundled and securitized into the trust that they were suing under, so they cannot refile the lawsuit. This case can be cited in other lawsuits in Texas where there is not enough proof on the chain of title, and because of this huge win, GM Law Firm is positioned to fight for better and bigger settlements.  Regardless of scammy bloggers who accuse the GM Law Firm of having conflicts of interest, Chantel Grant knows they can, will, and do win for their clients.

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My puppies, Tori and Sweetie, and I wanted To let you know that we receive the Packages.  We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts For your kindness.  You and the law firm really will never know how much this meant to us especially at a time that we’ve been going through so much stress you know Chantel I knew from the very first time that I talked to the first person at the law firm that God brought you to me to help me I felt it and I knew that it was right and right from the start everyone I talk to at the law firm talked about you with such love and respect that I knew that I was going to just trust you and trust God to know that you would help me but you have gone so far above and beyond what I could’ve ever known you were just so wonderful you are such a wonderful woman a Christian woman and you hold your head up high because you every day are living your Ministry and you should know that God is so smiling at you. I love your precious duck thank you for rescuing her I think we in some way are soul sisters I can’t wait to meet you after all this is over will have to have a great chat. That’s OK isn’t it I always had a wonderful time with my grandmother or I always have a good time with no matter what age people are well I’ve taken enough of your time but I think you and I think GM law firm for the wonderful gifts thank you also for the reimbursement of the payments that helped me so much I have never heard of anything so wonderful done by any law firm you are wonderful I have photos of my dogs and I’m going to get Margaret to take one of me today because I can’t do the selfie thing and send them to you so you know who you’re talking to bye for now God bless you bless your Law firm”




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