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What is Zebit?

When you have money or credit problems, it appears to be a vicious cycle that is extremely difficult to break. Missing or failing to pay on time will result in additional costs and penalties, as well as a loss in credit score. These fees will only add to your debt, and you will be charged […]

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7 Tips to Successfully Save for Retirement

The question of the hour in financial circles: Is there a retirement crisis in America today?  In the United States, fewer than one-fifth of Americans over the age of 50 have saved enough for retirement. This is a grim statistic from senior living resource Caring Advisor, highlighting the growing threat of a retirement crisis. Unfortunately, […]

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Understanding the three major chart in Forex market

Trading in the Forex market is all about detecting the price movement, as its value is always rising or falling. Traders have to just discern the nature of the movement of a price and predict how long the current movement will continue. Distinguishing these two factors will give a trader the necessary and right indication […]

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