How You Can Get Some Cash from Stuff You Already Have

Due to the recent recession, many people have found themselves short on cash.  While people that are in need of cash may feel that there are not any options to get cash immediately, there are eight different ways that someone can get cash by using personal items that they already have.

Take Out a Micro-Loan

The first way to get cash using your personal items is to take out a car title loan.  A car title loan is a short-term loan that is secured by your car title.  The loan provider will be able to provide you with a cash advance based on the value of your car, assuming there is no debt outstanding on it.  The cash loan can come with reasonable repayment terms and could help you get through a big financial bind.

Rent Out Your Car

Another way that your car could be used to help you get cash is by renting it out.  There are a variety of reputable services that will allow you to either rent your car directly to other drivers or allow you to act as a taxi cab using your own car.  Both of these situations are ideal if you do not need your car at the moment and are short on cash.

Sell Old Jewelry

Selling jewelry is the third way that you could get cash using your personal belongings.  The value of gold, silver, and other precious metals has come up significantly in recent years.  If you are willing to part with some of your jewelry, you could walk away with a significant amount of extra cash with a sale.  The best bang for your buck will come from working with a local jeweler.  Ask a friend “Where can I sell my watch for cash?”, or try searching on the internet for a jeweler in your area.  If you’re in San Diego for example, search for “San Diego jewelry” and start making your phone calls.

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Rent Your Belongings

The fourth way to make money through your personal belongings is to rent out your personal items.  Many people have some expensive personal items that others are not willing to invest in.  Certain items, such as tools, lawn care equipment, electronics, and cookware could be rented out by the hour or day to those that are in need.

Rent Out Expensive Clothing

Another common item that is popular to rent out would be your clothing.  If you have a large wardrobe of professional clothing, then you could make some extra money renting them out.  Since business suits are so expensive, people who only wear them periodically may prefer to rent yours as opposed to purchasing their own.

Start a Home Business

A great way that you could make extra money using your personal belongings would be to set up a small side business.  If you have a lawnmower, you could make extra money by mowing neighbors’ lawns in the summer.  During the winter you could provide similar services by using your own shovel or snow plow to clear a neighbor’s driveway or walkway.

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Start a Money Making Hobby

The seventh way to make money using your personal belongings would be to turn your hobby into a business.  For example, if you have some high priced camera equipment and enjoy photography, you could earn some extra money by taking photos for special events.  Similar services could be provided if you have DJ equipment or like to perform live concerts.

Rent Out a Room

The eighth way to make extra money would be to rent out a room in your home.  If you own your own home, or rent a large apartment, you could make a lot of extra money on the side by renting out an unused bedroom.  This can drastically help you to cut down on your total housing bills.


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