The pull of visiting Spain is undeniable and property investors all over the world once again have Spain on their radar as a country to invest in property.  Although the financial climate has been challenging in Spain over the last five years, experts in the financial and real estate industries agree that now is a great time to invest in Spanish property.

Recent news published on The Telegraph have reported that some British-owned properties are being bulldozed in Spain which will inevitably add caution for many investors.  Experienced expert property finder, Anthony Bloom sells villas in Javea and Moraira which are costal towns in Costa Blanca and very popular with British expats and offers the following advice for those looking to invest in a property in Spain.

“Unfortunately there’s been a lot of corruption over the years in Spain and many officials have been taken to task and imprisoned for changing or breaking the planning laws for self interest.  This has been rife and even more so on the mass developments built during the boom years.  I advise to invest in a well established location that has stood the test of time with properties that have been properly registered and documented with the land registry and local authorities”.

Buy Real Estate Properties in Spain

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“Avoid new developments, especially in rural locations because of the land grab laws and also the risk of corrupt land reclassification to enable it to be built on.  If it’s a first line property, ensure it does not break EU coastal law.  One has to be careful when buying and it is also prudent to study the history of the local council and it’s approach to planning law.  You also need to have a really good lawyer that knows the area well.  If buying a property, always ensure you have all of the correct documentation and do not buy without a cedula de habitabilidad and ensure everything, if not already, is correctly registered for size and description with the land registry on the day of completion.  The property may have been extended illegally or built larger than originally agreed or too close to the boundary”.


A Great Investment Opportunity:  Spanish Real Estate

Whether you are in the market to buy a vacation home in Barcelona, a chic city flat in the heart of Madrid, or become a retired expat with a villa on the coast, the prices of many properties in Spain are at a level that provide excellent investment opportunities.  After a half a decade of serious financial crisis, Spain is beginning to pull itself out of a financial tailspin, which is reflected by the interest of financial investors in real estate of all shapes and sizes.  Bill Gates made the clearest indication of the investment opportunity available in Spanish property by becoming the second largest shareholder in FFC, a Spanish construction company in October 2013.


Attractive Property Prices

The price of properties over the last five years have dropped by almost 50%, according to experts in the field.  The decline in prices fluctuates depending on the type and location of the real estate property.  Nonetheless, the prices are low, which provides a lucrative financial opportunity for investors.  This includes primary residences, holiday homes as well as commercial developments, such as shopping malls.


An Increase in International Investors

After several years of analysing the Spanish marketplace, there are over two hundred investors who are interested in investing in the Spanish property market.  With more investment in the infrastructure in Spain, more jobs will become available over time.  As the economy begins to improve, the real estate market, including the rental market, will increase substantially.


Increased Partnerships with Foreign Investors

If you’re interested in purchasing commercial or residential real estate in Spain, there are many opportunities to partner with foreign investors.  Strategic partnerships with foreign investors will help you to stretch your investment so that your capital investment increases substantially.  This will allow you to buy much more property than you would be able to on your own, while still maintaining managerial autonomy.


Increased Profitability

Not only have prices dropped substantially on Spanish real estate in the last five years, the profit margin has also increased dramatically.  The return on property investments are almost double what they are in most other European countries at this time.  The current real estate marketplace in Spain offers the savvy real estate investor a substantially higher return rate on his or her investment than in prior years.  The risk is also higher, but as the economy stabilises in Spain, the return on an investment will still net a handsome return.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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Costa Blanca Murcia Property - January 9, 2014

Murcia region is a great place to consider purchasing a property. Slower pace of life and affordable properties. Worth checking out.

trevismarcus - February 14, 2014

Hello.. Spain is a beautiful country. It is may be your right decision to buy a property in spain at low prices. So enjoy in luxury house with your family.

trevismarcus - March 5, 2014

Hi… I agree with you. This is right decision to buy real estate in spain because of many benefits. So, don’t miss this chance and buy a new property at good price.

Cristian de la Torre - April 14, 2014

You can use Professional Buyer´s Representation Services. Selected Spain Properties will find, advise and negotiate in your behalf.

property investment - June 14, 2014

Murcia region is an excellent spot for a contemplate buying a property. Sluggish tempo regarding existence along with affordable qualities. Well worth looking at.

Glass Curtians La Torre - June 27, 2014

Great weather, cheaper property prices, easy access from UK, lower cost of living, why wouldn’t you want to buy in Spain? Don’t dismiss inland locations if you are not a beach lover. Spain is such a vast country that’s truly offers something for everyone.

Data Center Space - August 3, 2014

Just purchased a property in Murcia Spain, still some good prices , but starting to rise generally. Great place to easily hop to from the UK. Looking forward to many hours of Spanish sunshine.

Overseas Property Market - August 21, 2014

Great time to look at buying a property in Spain. The market has stablelised prices are no longer in free fall, banks are lending again and best of all Spain offers a great climate in comparison to the UK.

Costa Del Sol Property - February 5, 2015

Still some property bargains available, but also cost of living is generally cheaper and the Costa Del Sol climate is pleasant to live in all year round.

ABS Services (Spain) - February 10, 2015

We are builders along the Costa Calida and have noticed properties now are being sold quicker than in the previous few years. The sterling euro exchange rate is also looking favorable, so the future is looking good for the Spanish property market. Great lifestyle less stressful. Lovely place to live.

Distressed Property Costa Del Sol - April 27, 2015

Climate, cost of living, affordable property, slower pace of living are some of the main reasons for living in Spain. It does help if you can learn a bit of Spanish. Property is still affordable, but developers have started to build again so expect prices to stay to creep up. Great country to live!

Foreign Currency Network - June 3, 2015

Great time to invest in Spain as Sterling to Euro exchange rate is very favorable. Compared to previous years you can now get more property for your Euro. Property is still very affordable in many parts of Spain, but not sure this will be the case long term?

Las Colinas Property - July 13, 2015

Climate, cost of living, pace of life, property prices, quality of life, that’s just for starters! Spain is a great place to live. Don’t think about, just do it!

Glass Curtains Costa Blanca Murcia - October 18, 2015

Really laid back place to live with a warm sunny climate. Cost of living lower in many instances compared to other parts of Europe.

La Mnaga Club - August 18, 2016

I always say the weather, then the pace of life as not the rat race of the UK. Property can vary greatly, depending upon region. Marbella will cost the earth, elsewhere and prices will be very affordable. If you make the effort to integrate with the local Spanish community, they will welcome you and your family with open arms. Try it!

Marjal Property - September 3, 2016

Spain is great value for money when it comes to buying a property. You can get a lot for your money in certain regions of Spain and if you are lucky still keep a bolt hole back in the uk. Naturally the weather is much better than blighty and offers an outside life style for the majority of the year.

Finca in Spain - August 21, 2017

If you want an all year round warm temperatures, blue skies, cheaper cost of living., cheaper property, relaxed lifestyle, no stress, no hassle then Spain’s the place for you!


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