How to Buy Precious Metals

Adding precious metals to an IRA or to a collection of tangible assets can prove to be a financial boon, and one that can be passed on from generation to generation.  Physically holding on to an asset of substantial worth can be rewarding, but it can be especially fulfilling to share that asset with loved ones in the years to come.  Generally speaking the purchase of precious metals can provide you with a tangible asset that will increase steadily over time, so whether you’re interested in the American eagle gold coin or specialty silver bullions you can invest with confidence.

Finding a Precious Metals Dealer

Precious metal dealers can be found anywhere from within jewelry stores to pawn shops.  If you’re serious about investing, find a dealer that looks reputable and has positive reviews like this website, Great Southern Coins.  If you feel more comfortable in a jewelry store than in a pawn shop, head that direction.  But remember, gold is gold and has a value that is set by the financial markets.  A pawn shop can buy and sell gold at the same rates a jewelry store can.  If you feel more confident in a pawn shop do business there.

Shopping for Precious Metals Online

In addition to having gold dealers who have a physical presence where you can buy and sell gold, there are individuals and dealers online.  Shopping for precious metals online is something that just about anyone can do.  eBay is a popular venue for individuals who may want to buy silver bullion coins or coins forged from other precious metals.  Don’t be leery about doing business with an entity that you can’t physically see.  Online metal venues are increasing in popularity and allow you to make transactions right from the comfort of your own home.  There are many reputable dealers and individuals from whom you can make precious metals purchases.  Read reviews, conduct a bit of research, and buy with confidence from a company or individual who has experience.

Buying Precious Metals from a Big Dealer

There are some companies that are scattered across the United States that specialize in buying and selling precious metals.  Many of these companies are big and have been established for a number of years.  They have a system in place where you can make a purchase whenever metal prices are favorable, and they can be shipped directly to your home or office.  They can also provide you with a way to set up a precious metals IRA and have purchases automatically sent to where your IRA is managed.  It may seem a bit unnerving to think about your gold purchase floating around in the mail until it arrives in your hands, but these companies have been doing this for a number of years and they can guarantee the safe delivery of your purchases.

If you’re looking to buy IRA qualified bullion, rare gold or silver coins, or palladium there are a few purchasing venues you can choose from.  A local jewelry store or pawn shop may have a licensed precious metals dealer that you can do business with.  Online sites like eBay also provide individuals with access to precious metals.  You can also do business with big companies that specialize in buying and selling gold and silver.

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Jospeh Brandon - June 28, 2013

I am looking for a new investment and perhaps I could do more research about dealing with these precious metals. Thanks.

    Arnel Ariate - June 29, 2013

    Hi, Joseph. Investing in precious metals seems like a very good idea. We would like to hear about your experience should you decide to actually invest in them. 🙂

[email protected] Metals Dealers Reviews - December 7, 2014

Hi Arnel,I like your article about investing in precious metals ,one of the greatest choices of course is adding some gold and silver to your portfolio,but the difficult side is finding a precious metals dealer with whom to trust your money,my advice on this point is to completely investigate the reputation of any gold dealer through the BBB and Trustlink.Finding a dealer with so many complaints and low rating is one red flag to start looking for another,also make sure to contact them by phone and see how their sales representatives are handling your call,if you find pushy sales people that’s also a red flag,what do you think Arnel?

Johnny Shi - April 1, 2015

I think that its really important to purchase precious metals from a trusted dealer. For me its hard to do business with an enmity that I can’t see. You said not to be leery but I feel at least giving them a phone call would give me more comfort.


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