2013 was the year of gold investment, with many amateur investors taking to preserving their money in gold the industry saw a massive rise in queries and new investors.

It is not that often that silver gets a second look when compared to gold, until recent months where silver is no longer golds ugly sister, it is set to be just as, if not more, important as gold in 2014.

The somewhat crash of the gold market in recent months, it has left a sour taste in investors’ mouths which means loads of investors and investing companies such as Physical Gold focusing more efforts on investing in silver.

Over the past four years, silver has grown by a staggering 85% which has left a glimmering look in the eyes of the investor.  This then leaves a growing trend for silver, with the demand not forecasting to drop any time soon, the demand is only set to rise if it follows the trend of recent years.

We only see gold rise in demand when there is a season of economic downturn, however silver is not as heavily dependent on the economy as gold is.


Get More for Your Money with Silver

On average, currently you get more for your money when investing in silver other than gold.

On average, 1oz of gold amounts to 55oz of silver.

This means, you will get more silver for the same amount as you would gold, leaving you better off when the price of silver increases.


Silver is More Dominant in Industry

Most of gold is cherished for it’s aesthetical value in the forms of jewelry, coins and bars.

However, silver is more widely used within industry which means that the demand is generally higher, which in turn increases up the prices.

Silver is used more in industry and medicine than gold which means that it is great to get investing in as the demand will increase as the advances in industry and medicine increase, too.

This of course means that coupled with the limited mining of silver, the demand for silver will only increase, which in turn pushes up the prices of silver which leaves you with a higher return price.

This is also heightened by the rarity of silver.  Approximately, there is 4,000 million ounces of gold within the Earth, however the is only 150 million ounces of silver.


A Future-proof Investment

One of the main uses of gold at the moment is within the green and alternative energy industry.

The main form of green energy is within solar panels, which are in the increase within the UK and around the world.

Solar panels use silver to help it turn the sun’s energy into electrical energy for the home.

With the green energy industry on the rise with governments and society putting more importance on moving away from non-reusable energy sources it will see the demand for silver on the rise.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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Nick | Millionaires Giving Money - January 7, 2014

Very interesting article, I never knew Silver was used in Solar Panels. I also think silver will continue to rise and am looking for ways to get a safe diversified exposure. Great Article Arnel

    Arnel Ariate - January 8, 2014

    Thank you, Nick.

Pauline - January 11, 2014

I disagree with the first point, sure you get 1oz of gold for 55oz of silver but gold can go up $30 in a day, when silver will move $1-2 so you can’t compare it like that. I did ok with gold last year and feel more confident investing there than silver.


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