How to Build Successful Customer Relationships

The success of any business is dependent on its ability to attract and retain customers.  A good businessman like Tunde Folawiyo will be continually reviewing their business practices to look for the best way to build successful customer relationships.  The following tips will be helpful to consider.


Communication with your regular customers should be on a regular basis.  This could be in the form of telephone calls, face to face meetings, email or texts.  It is vital to give customers as many opportunities as possible to talk to you when needed.  Social media can be a good way to deal with this but you must make sure that you monitor the sites and reply to customers promptly.  It is also worth approaching regular customers after they have received an order and asking them for feedback.  A customer will be more likely to feel valued if you give them the opportunity to comment on your service and state what they liked or disliked particularly if they see that you act on any negative comments that they may have made.  Establishing a two-way communication with your customers will help to ensure that they will place more orders with your business.

Customer Service

A good business will make sure that customers have more than one way to contact them but it is important to make sure that the primary contact offered is person to person.  A company which provides good customer service will always seek feedback from customers and follow up on any criticism.


Tunde Folawiyo and other successful businessmen are constantly looking for ways to expand their market share and attract new customers.  Offering incentives can be a great way to attract new customers.  You should not limit incentives to just new customers as offering rewards to regular customers can be a fantastic way to ensure that they feel valued and will continue to place orders.


Customers will only return to a company that they can trust.  This means not making promises that you can’t fulfill regarding delivery.  If a customer feels that they can’t rely on you then they won’t place another order and they pass on their concerns to others which could cause your business to suffer.

Stock Awareness

Once you have gained some regular customers then make a note of what they are ordering each time.  This information should then be fed into your stock reordering so that the relevant products are always in stock and your regular customers will not be disappointed.  The information gained from regular orders can also be used to suggest possibilities for new stock items to order as regular customers may be interested in items which complement their existing orders.

Customer Comes First

Once a customer knows that you are putting them first then you will have established a good relationship.  Part of putting the customer first means that you must try and be flexible when dealing with them and ensure that you try your best to solve any problems or queries.


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