If you have a business property that needs to be protected then the best thing you can do is find ways of denying people access.  Stop intruders from getting inside in the first place by putting security measures in place.  There are lots of ways of stopping people from getting anywhere near your business property.  The method you choose depends on the nature of your business, and how far you want to go to protect your property.  Here are different ways to deny people access to your premises.


Security Gates

The first thing to consider is a gate to stop cars and people from entering your property.  Gates are an excellent way of keeping unwanted visitors out.  Get a security gate installed at the entrance to your business property.  This will deny access to anyone who tries to drive inside.  Security gates come in a wide variety of different styles and sizes depending on your requirements.  You can get gates such as sliding gates, pedestrian gates and automatic gates.

Business Properties Security Access

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Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing is usually used for sites that do not require extremely high security measures.  These fences will still keep people out and are designed so that they are almost impossible to climb.  They are usually used for places such as sports grounds or local authorities.  They do not look as harsh as some other types of fencing and are seen as more aesthetically pleasing.  They are also very good value, making larger metreage fences more affordable.


Access Control

Get security gates with built-in access control.  That way you can have complete control over who comes and goes.  You need to have a think about what sort of access control your property might require.  This depends on things like whether you have 24 hour access or if your site is safe for the general public.  Having access control is ideal for businesses that require high levels of security because you know exactly who is coming in and out of your building.  According to Surrey Police you have to be very careful when keying in access codes.  Make sure staff are careful not to let passers by see the code as they enter it.


Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing is recommended by a lot of insurance companies for businesses that need to be adequately protected.  Palisade fencing is very robust and long lasting, that’s why it is used for a lot of industrial, commercial and security storage businesses.


Razor Wire Fencing

Security specialists Hilltrident said, “If you really want to keep people out then razor wire fencing is a great choice”.  It’s used mainly for extremely high security businesses and properties.  Correctly installed razor wire fencing is totally legal in the UK.  As soon as people see the razor wire they realise that it’s best to stay well away from the fences.  Razor wire also makes it very hard to climb and get over a fence or wall due to the risk of injury.  It’s a very visual barrier that will put most people off.


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