KeyOption allows you to trade on diverse assets ranging from currencies, indices, stocks, and commodities. They have the listing of more than 100 assets, which makes it suitable for all different types of traders, be it beginners, or the seasoned ones.

KeyOption trading platform is owned by by Nuntius Brokerage & Investment Services. They have been providing top quality independent Investment Services to their clients from more than 24 years now.

When it comes to trading, KeyOption offers different types of trading products, making it suitable for a wide range of traders.  They provide various options for both, short term and long-term traders.

Fast or short term trades:

keyoption invest

Binary Options – The best thing about binary options is that the losses will not exceed a certain point limit, but at the same time the value of the winnings will also be limited. However, this is a very simple kind of trading, preferably suitable for those who are apprehensive about taking big risks. Also, you won’t have to spend a lot of time to learn about how the binary options trading works.

60 Seconds – If you are the trader who likes to make the most out of small price movements during the day, then you will be interested in this type of trading. In this type, your trades will last for a period of 60 seconds.

One Touch – If you wish to play on big leverages which could drive your profit margins even up to 500 %, then the One Touch from KeyOption will suit your trading style perfectly.

Ladder – Ladder again allows you to go for bigger returns, but at the same time by limiting the risks to a certain value.

Slow or long-term trades:

Pairs – Another way of minimizing the risks is by going for of the long-term trades. Trading on the Pairs by KeyOption is best, if you planning to place you trade on companies showing good growth prospects. You can go at your own pace without taking undue pressures.

Long-Term Options – When you go for the long term option by KeyOption, the effect of most of the micro movements of prices will get nullified, thereby reducing your risks. Also, it improves your chances of making accurate predictions.

Account Types:

  1. Micro Account – For getting started, you will need Minimum $250.
  2. Standard – For getting started with this account, you will need to deposit $1000.
  3. Premium Account – For getting started, you will need Minimum of $2000.
  4. Deluxe Account – For getting started, you will need Minimum of $5000.


The site offers an excellent education to their members. They provide a lot of free resources to the visitors, but all types of account holders will get access to the KeyOption academy. However, based on your account type, you get different levels of personalized guidance, and access to central trading signals.


They are quite responsive to their client concerning and questions. You can reach them on phone, live chat or on emails. The account managers are trained to handle their clients in multiple languages.

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