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A Decision That Should Not Be Taken Lightly: 4 Criteria for Selecting the Best Public Adjuster

There are some individuals who might not have ever heard the term “public adjuster” before, but in the event that your property or home has suffered damages, it is a profession with which you will quickly become familiar. A public adjuster, like Globe Midwest Adjusters International, is a company composed of insurance professionals. Their job is to fearlessly represent the interests of you, the policyholder, in the case that you must settle a property insurance claim.

Now, why might you need a public adjuster? The answer is because, unfortunately, sometimes an insurance company might try to use a loophole to deny your claim or offer you considerably less money than that to which you are entitled. If that happens, then you should find yourself a reputable public adjuster without delay. Here are ways to tell if you have selected the right one.

Their Reputation

One way to know if a public adjuster is the best fit for you is by looking at their website and speaking to them about their history. If they can point to some examples of where they won favorable judgments for homeowners, then you’ll know that they can do the same for you. You’ll also want to hear from them in their own words how they will be pursuing your case once you give them the details of it.

How Long They Have Been In Business

Much as is the case with anyone who practices law, you will wish to go with a firm that has been around for some time and has extensive experience dealing with insurance companies. You’ll want the public adjuster that you choose to know how to stand up for your rights, and they should also be familiar with any measures that an insurance company might take to try and deny your claim.

Are They Personable?

You also want to go with an adjuster with whom you feel comfortable. You needn’t become best friends with them, but at the same time, if they are cold, impersonal, or they seem like they’re not appreciative of your business, then you can go elsewhere. You want someone who will be genuinely sympathetic to your situation and will care about what you have to say. If the first adjusters to whom you speak don’t fit the bill, then it’s okay to keep looking.

Do Their Promises Make Sense to You?

You want to be able to get what you have coming to you, but if the public adjuster you have selected is promising you obscene amounts of money for a case that does not seem to justify it, then be wary. Remember, you aren’t going into this with the intention of taking every cent that the insurance company has. Instead, you are trying to recover a fair amount based on your policy and the damage that was caused.  

You want to go with a public adjuster who will fight for you and will not back down if the insurance company digs in their heels. Only then will you be capable of resolving matters in a manner that feels like you were treated fairly.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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