7 Reasons Why You Should Invest Your Money

For anyone who isn’t already sold on investing the money you work hard to create something bigger and better, you’re not alone. Investing can seem quite daunting for those who are not experts in this field, and it does take quite a bit of time and research to hedge your money in the pots that will hopefully reap the best rewards. To accompany this, it also takes courage to take money out of your savings and put it into something else that may or may not guarantee a return. To give you the confidence to jump on the investment ladder, here are 7 reasons your money is better suited for investment.

Making Money Work For You

Once you’ve spent multiple hours per week at your office, cleaning job, corporate meetings, or factory position earning your money, what tends to happen to it? It most likely stretches over paying your bills, second to this it maybe pays for a few fun days or is put towards a holiday, then if you have any left hopefully it’s put away into savings. Investing isn’t a part of many peoples common thought process for dividing their money on payday, but it should be. For those not allocating money to invest on a regular basis, they’re missing a big trick. As you could be putting your money back to work to try and create you a financial reward.

Investments VS Savings

Some of you may even have savings already which is great, this will hopefully support you in an emergency. However, interest rates aren’t groundbreaking so keeping all of your savings in a bank account will not enable you to make your riches any time soon. In opposition to this investing has the potential to reap you lump sums of cash far better than interest rates in the same amount of time you will leave your money in the bank. Which is why, if you have money locked up in savings, set aside priority money that you need access too such as your emergency fund and retirement savings, and plan to invest that which you have left over to skip the pitiful interest rate return and aim to fund investments to make your riches.

Early Retirement

With people increasingly hoping to be financially free and have the option at least to retire early should they wish, this takes careful planning, saving and of course investing to boost your income. If you dream of the prospect of retiring within a decade or two, one of the key aspects that will help get you there besides being diligent with your cash flow, is to create a portfolio of investments long and short.

Financial Aspirations

Besides from retiring you may wish to bolster your kid’s college fund, pay off your mortgage, buy another bigger home, bid for financial freedom or pay for a new car in a few years. Investing can amp up the opportunity for you to meet and excel the financial goals you dream of. The point of investing is to put your money into items, property or commodities etc that are likely to increase in value over a specified time. Which is why you need to begin your research to find the best investment opportunities for you or better yet source an expert for professional guidance.

Employer Matches Investment

Have you considered squirreling away more money in your 401k? In doing so, a few employers provide a scheme to match that which you invest. For those who can afford to spend a little more into this matching scheme, it’s a surefire way to double your money.

Choice Of Investments

There is a momentous scope to invest in a ton of different commodities, tangible items, stocks, shares and so forth. Some of which you may have never even considered, some you may already own (such as collectibles) and others you may even choose to present to someone close to you as a gift to teach them the value of investing, such as a special gold coin, you can view at LPM.hk/2017-1-oz-america-liberty-225th-anniversary-9999-gold-proof-coin.html for more details. Listed below are a wide range of investments you could consider adding to your portfolio.

Metals – silver, gold, copper, platinum.
Agriculture – sugar, coffee, and cocoa, live cattle (that will become food), cotton.
Energy – natural gas, crude oil, heating oil

Business startups
Stock market
Property and land
Collectibles – comics, porcelain dolls, items from a popular business that has closed down, designer handbags, retro video games, coins, stamps.
Art pieces – paintings and sculptures
Vintage Cars

To save limiting your options, exercising the potential of using the choices above will enable you to select that which suits your budget, amount of time you are prepared to leave your money untouched and to choose a selection to spread your money across for higher probability in ROI.

You Could Miss Out

Postponing investing could mean you miss out on a reward or return in the near and long-term future. By starting to create an investment portfolio soon, you will begin to learn more about the areas that interest you, building up knowledge of different investments, and making executive decisions that could help you reach your financial aspirations in helping you to choose the investments that are likely to give you a return. Delaying investing, means you have less time to learn about investing, where to invest and how to invest and gives you less time to learn about what does and doesn’t work. Without sounding too morbid, you won’t live forever and you will most likely want to enjoy your money before you pass, which is why investing soon is advised.

Opting to make a start sooner rather than later to begin investing will put you in good stead for building a healthy return over time. The reasons above such as gaining better return than keeping your money in savings, the ability to meet your financial aspirations quicker than depending on your income alone, and having a large selection to choose which investments suit you best, should give you the courage to propel you forward and begin launching your investment portfolio.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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