6 Tips for Getting Your Accounting Career to a Whole New Level

Bored, unhappy, underpaid, disengaged? How concerned are you with your accounting job? It happens to the best. People go through changes with different needs and expectations. Families grow, companies merge, and bosses come and go. But it may be time to boost your accounting career to a whole new level. 

6 tips to energize your accounting career —

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median hourly wage for Accountants and Auditors is $33.34 and 75 percent or more make more than $91,770 a year. With an above-average 7 percent potential increase in jobs, there should be plenty of room to make a move.

Tip 1: Pack your parachute! Chances are you won’t retire from a career at your current employer. So, you should have an escape plan, one you update regularly. You should keep your resume up to date. Everyone needs a network of friends and accounting peers; if you stay in touch, you’ll improve your references and pick up news of interesting job openings.  

Tip 2: Leave them in the dust! It may be time to do something gutsy. It could be your chance to dare to be great — and apologize later. This could be your moment to shake things up to change things and draw attention. It’s a chance to do things your way. There should be at little risk if your way proves the right way.

Tip 3: Keep your own records! When it comes to your periodic performance reviews, bosses, bosses have short memories. They never seem to forget your mistakes, but they don’t remember your successes beyond the last six weeks. You would represent yourself better (and feel better, too) if you made sure the review covered the positive things you have done in the past year. It will jog the manager’s memory and put the good “stuff” in your file.

Tip 4: Go back to school! Any career needs rewiring to keep you and your career on track. You’ll be surprised how continuing education increases your self-esteem as well as your career position and potential. It could be a weekend seminar refresher, a one-day workshop, an online course, or an additional degree. And, if you’re thinking about an ultimate step, you can learn more about MDS CPA review.

Tip 5: Make a technology leap! Anyone who sits on their history is doomed to fall behind. If you have not maximized your technology awareness, you will always be fighting uphill. Any worker in any career must have a pack of technology tools at hand. Most accountants with major firms will get locked into proprietary software, but you need skills beyond that to make yourself marketable.

Tip 6: Improve your “soft skills!” It’s up to you to improve your image making it more attractive than the stereotypical accountant. You can get your self-esteem, public image, and accounting career by doing something creative, at work or outside work. If you want to advance, you must improve your communication and management strengths. 

A final tip!

Forbes says, “In adapting to a changing world, one of the biggest obstacles holding someone back could be how they define their career – especially if their daily job – as opposed to a more broadly-defined career – is becoming obsolete or is otherwise less important than it used to be.” Accountants run this risk unless they take their career paths by the horns and make decisions now.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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