5 Different Ways to Invest Your Money

The experts always say the safest way to invest is through a diverse portfolio.  When you spread your investments over a number of places, you create a safe haven.  If one industry or company crashes, you’ll have the others keeping your investments afloat.  It’s a safe and sensible tactic, but where exactly should you invest?  Today we’re looking at the various different markets you can put your money.  We’ll explore the pros and cons of each and help you decide.  Of course, where possible, we suggest you have a healthy investment in each of them.  Let’s take a closer look.


1.  The Stock Market

The stock exchange is the first and most obvious route.  This involves investing in the shares of a company.  Your money will rise and fall alongside their value.  There are many ways to play the stock market, but most suggest a strong, long-term strategy.  If you’re serious about this route, your successful investment banking career counseling and executive life coach is available at Wallstreetteach and Geoff Blades.  We suggest investing your time and research before your money when it comes to the stock market!


2.  Premium Bonds

Premium bonds are a much safer and more secure route of investment.  It involves lending your money to businesses and governments.  As with any loan, you will receive interest on a regular basis.  With a premium bond, your money gets a real, tangible return quickly.  Of course, it does not have the windfall potential of the stock market.


3.  Currency

If you’ve ever heard of Forex trading and wondered what on earth it was, it’s currency.  It’s all about trading various different currencies at just the right time.  As you know, the value of the dollar, the euro and pound sterling all fluctuate.  They follow market patterns and alter according to all sorts of pressures.  If you can exchange at the right time, you can take advantage of this fluctuation. Whilst it sounds easy in practice the concept does require some explaining.


4.  Property

Smart investors have always put their money in property.  As a general rule, the property market moves upwards and there is plenty of revenue to be made.  In some larger cities, houses increase in value 10-20% every year.  Holding onto a property for ten years or more guarantees you a decent investment and a good return.  You could also refurbish the property and flip it for a higher price.  On the other hand, you could rent it out for a consistent rental income.

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5.  Yourself

Investing in yourself is one of the best investments you can make.  If you have a brilliant business idea or a new concept, you owe it to yourself to pursue it.  If you have the passion and drive to make it a reality, you can easily see a return on investment.  No one will work harder for your money than you.  It gives you control over your money and gives you real motivation to make a big impact.


As you can see, there are so many investment routes open to you.  We suggest spreading your money in a variety of places to keep it safe.  Where would you start?

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