5 Ways In Which 3D Floor Plans Boost Real Estate Sales

Like all other industries, the real estate industry has witnessed a technology boom. One of the technologies that have made a considerable impact on the vertical is that of 3D floor planning. As the name suggests, 3D floor planning refers to the use of three-dimensional technology for creating a virtual floor plan. The floor plan can give the prospective buyer a lifelike experience so that he can visualize the final appearance of the property after the completion of the project. Since a majority of buyers would consider the final layout of the property before making a decision, 3D floor plans serve as a powerful tool for the real estate segment. Let us explain the ways in which this technology can boost property sales.

  1. Renders an image which is close to the real-life design

Most of the buyers looking for a new property fail to visualize the layout on the basis of a paper blueprint. Reading the measurements and understanding the design can be a challenge for even the seasoned ones. A 3D floor plan is a great way to resolve this challenge as it provides a digital model of the floor, with a real-life imagery that resembles the design closely. The buyer can even see minute details such as textures, flooring, and lighting. Visuals make an impact on them and the chances of closing a deal improve considerably.

  1. Improves customer satisfaction and build trust

The biggest challenge for real estate agents and sellers is to convince the customers to close the sale, particularly if the project is yet to be completed. A 3D design presents excellent images and visuals that enable the buyers to understand what they are paying for. They can get a glimpse at the property even while it is still raw or under-construction. Satisfying the buyers becomes much easier with these plans. Moreover, construction companies and agencies can use them to build long-term trust of the buyers.

  1. Makes the seller or agent stand apart

Whether you are a construction company or a real estate agency, 3D floor plans make a smart business investment. It makes you stand apart as an early adopter of the latest technology solutions for this business vertical. It may be available as a software application or a mobile app that you can use to give a live demo to the potential buyer. Considering the fact that there are still many sellers who have not embraced these solutions, you will be definitely be able to score extra points for delivering excellent services to your customers if you use them as a smart sales tool.

  1. Serves as a powerful marketing tool

Like every other business, a real estate company also needs to have a proper marketing strategy to ensure that it is able to achieve its sales targets. It requires a professional marketing team as well as some useful tools to boost sales. A 3D floor planning software serves as an excellent marketing tool that is capable of engaging the customer and driving him to buy the property. As a customer, if you are interested in home design, you must see this plan to ideate what the property would look like once it is completed. A 3D image is far more eye-catching and impactful as compared to a 2D plan on paper. It can become a valuable element of design presentations for the customers who have an eye for detail when it comes to home décor.

  1. Saves time and money of the buyer and seller

3D floor plans are also effective for saving the time and money of the buyer and the seller. The plans give a fair idea about a property to the buyer and the seller need to take them for multiple visits to convince them. This saves time that they would otherwise need to spend on repeated visits to the site. At the same time, the buyer can save money by getting a fair idea about the layout he would get on the project completion. This benefit extends to the seller too as they can cut down on the construction costs by getting clarity about the customer’s expectations right at the initial stages.

Seeing the extensive benefits that come with a 3D floor planning solution, it can be called a smart investment for any construction business. The floor plan can completely change the buying experience and take the customer satisfaction to a new level. So this is one technology in which every real estate business should happily invest so that they can grow at a rapid pace.


Arnel Ariate is the webmaster of Money Soldiers.

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