5 Best Budgeting Apps You Need

Do you think managing life can sometimes be too much? Well, as a millennial, I can assure you that you’re not alone. Once you’ve grown up and entered the realm of the practical world, there’s no going back. We’re all trying to make responsible decisions and act like grown-ups. However, meeting the mundane demands of adult life can sometimes overwhelm even the most mature of us. Moreover, once you have kids, well, that’s chaos on another level.

Well, thankfully, we all have trouble adulting. I said thankfully because others are trying to find a way to overcome the same problems that we face. And Alas! Some have discovered a way to ease the pain of managing life by a little. There are a plethora of helpful apps in app stores that can make our lives easier. For example, the KidSecured app can be your private detective to keep track of your kids while you work. Isn’t that nice? In this article, we’ll take a look at the five best budgeting apps available that can save you from going broke. Let’s dig in.

The Top 5 Apps for Budgeting


When it breaks down to budgeting apps, Wally is our go-to guy. It is a simple app but don’t let the simplicity fool you. The app does best what its designers designed it to do. It budgets, by balancing your income and expenses. You can easily track where your money went. It can also tell you when you have to pay a bill, or when you’ve achieved a financial goal.


Mint is a more social budgeting app. It synchronizes with your bank accounts, credit card accounts, and also your brokerage and retirement savings account. It keeps track of all the flowing money, whether it is coming in or going out. The application is good at creating a personal budget for you and reminds you to pay the bills on time. It also provides you with helpful tips and hints about increasing your credit score without the need of a credit card.


You Need A Budget is a very straightforward app. This application works on an income-based financial budget. The exceptional feature of this app is that each incoming dollar is assigned a specific task to fulfill. The app assigns your dollars to particular tasks like paying the debt or for living expenses. This app is a great way to pay off your debts.


PocketGuard is more than a budgeting app; it is your consiglieri. The app tracks and studies your debts and credits and provides you with strategies to overcome the financial problems. It is excellent with recordkeeping. It even records those oranges you bought from the mart and updates them to your transactions. The app is very good with managing the cash flow and will update you with strategies on cutting better deals with the on-going debts.


This app not only budgets your money but also invests it to earn more. Oh, don’t worry! Not all of your money; just the few extra dollars and change you have in your checking account. Investment experts create and manage your portfolio and invest your money accordingly. The app charges $1 per month until you have $5000 in your Acorn account, then it charges 0.25% of your balance. Not a lousy agreement if you ask me.


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