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The Difference in Supplies for a Paperless and Paper-Centric Business

Before the time of smartphones and advanced technology, all businesses operated using paper. They sent out letters through the mail, offered flyers and brochures as advertisements, mailed hard copies of bills, and otherwise used paper and the traditional mailing system as their means of communication. More and more companies are choosing to go paperless by uploading electronic copies of invoices to accounts or sending information through email. There is a major difference in required supplies for those places who are still paper-centric and those who have gone completely paperless. 

Paper and Printer

A business that solely relies on paper will, of course, need plenty of it. Managers can order paper products through a company such as Coastal Business Supplies. Several printers will be necessary as well, ensuring typed up copies can get printed out to be delivered in a timely manner. Though paperless companies do not send out paper copies of bills, having at least one printer on site would be ideal. Some paper should be kept stocked as well, as there may be times a hard copy needs to get sent out, perhaps at a customer’s request. 

A Secure Computer System

Paperless companies handle all of their business online. With customer information, purchase details, and employee records kept on the computer, businesses better be sure they have a secure system in place to keep all data safe. Anyone can hack into records and steal identities with the information found in these files. A company that still uses paper files will require a secure computer system as well, but most details will be in paper form rather than online, making it less of a priority. 

A paper shredder would better suffice for a business that uses paper. Employees can then shred all documents that are no longer needed so the information contained within them cannot be read by outsiders. This is the best way they can protect their data. 

File Cabinets

A paperless office saves tons of space. It’s just one of the benefits. There is no need for large file cabinets to store documents. Instead, it’s all placed on a central server or computer hard drive that takes up just a minute portion of the room. Companies that still use paper, however, will require lots of space for several large file cabinets to be kept. 

Recyclable Materials

Because a company that is run with paper uses so much of it, it is best if they turn to recyclable materials for their needs. Instead of using basic paper, employers should choose environmentally-friendly options that help them go green. This means less paper waste and a more cost-efficient process. Those businesses that are primarily paperless yet still need some paper kept in stock should also choose recyclable materials for a more efficient company.

A paper-centric company may be run very differently from a paperless one, but some supplies still overlap at each place. While a paperless business will need to focus their efforts on maintaining a secure computer system to keep data safe, they’ll still require a basic printer and paper for a few occurrences. A business that relies on paper will need plenty of it, yet still needs to have a safe computer system for storing data that does get entered online. With the right supplies and equipment at the ready, any type of business can experience smooth operations. 

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