Digital Marketing Success 101: How To Start Making Things Happen Online 

If the idea and reality of business stagnation leaves you feeling frustrated or enervated, you should start thinking about which changes should be made to keep your organization in a state of growth. One realm to consider as you begin your strategic work is the digital marketing sector. There are many strategies business owners can deploy to make their digital marketing efforts more effective. Here are some of them:

  1. Focus On Social Proof.

Social proof is a social and psychological phenomenon in which individuals take on the attitudes and actions of others in their attempt to mimic the behaviors which have been deemed desirable or appropriate. In the business marketing sector, this means that when people see enough other people purchasing products and/or services from a specific brand, they will typically assume that the brand is credible. This assumed credibility, which results from the social proof of other people liking the brand, will then lead more individuals to invest in it.

In recognizing the reality of social proof, business owners need to respond by implementing strategies which show prospects that other people believe in the value of their brand. One way to make it happen is with the production of user-generated content like online reviews. When the online reviews are positive, they show prospects that other people have had pleasant or somehow productive experiences with your brand. Another strategy that could be implemented to optimize social proof is the use of Share Buttons on the blogs or websites where your content appears. This strategy increases the likelihood that the people who read your content will forward it to the individuals in their social networks!

Note that one part of the social proof process that should gain primacy in your internet marketing work is making yourself at least somewhat personable. Specifically, your target audience needs to feel that they know you before gaining confident about the idea of investing in your product or service over and over. Note that professional Chris Pivik has tapped into the power of making himself personable through his maintenance of an page. You can visit the website of Chris Pivik to see how he has incorporated personal information about himself into the way he markets his brand.

  1. Content, Content, Content.

If you’re really ready to make things happen online, pursue content marketing with unmitigated determination and consistency. Content remains one of the most important elements of effective internet marketing, which means that it should never be put on the backburner. Instead, focus on consistently implementing research and analytic strategies to help you understand how you can make your content increasingly innovative, information-rich, and appealing to your target audience. Doing target market research is one preliminary step to content optimization because it ensures that you will know enough about your audience to produce blog posts and web articles they would find somehow helpful, entertaining, or otherwise useful.

Note that the strategic use of images can play an integral role in taking your content from average to awesome. People tend to be drawn to content that includes aesthetically appealing and/or original images, and this is why strategically selecting and embedding dynamic pictures or infographics into your content is almost always a good idea. Also note that people are more likely to watch videos than read content, meaning that you should focus on attaining cutting edge, customized video production services from a team of industry experts who can help you make your brand more visible through social channels like YouTube.


When you’re ready to take your ecommerce efficacy from average to awesome, it’s time to start focusing on the development and systematic optimization of a customized internet marketing plan. Use some or all of the three techniques listed above to get the online growth process underway immediately!

Jesse Fin

Jesse worked as a journalist for a large tv station in Korea in her past life. She now works full time at home as a blogger and loves to help her friends manage their personal budgets.

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