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Cutting Back Or Getting Rid? The Holistic Way To Save Money

A lot of money worries stem from the fact that we struggle to get by from day to day. But, does this mean that we should get rid of a lot of the daily expenses in our lives? If you are looking to cut back on the most common of expenditures, where can you begin?

What Is Really Essential To You?

In order to cut back on the essentials in life, you need to ask yourself what you can really live without. We spend a lot of time being caught up in habit, where we place a lot of reliance on these things that we deem essential. That morning coffee, for example, if you buy one on the way into the office, making a simple swap to a coffee you make at home could save you a hell of a lot of money. With something like a car, we view it as an essential purchase, but if you have a luxury SUV, downgrading it to something more economical can feel a bit demoralizing, but with a smaller car comes cheaper insurance, cheaper upkeep costs, and cheaper fuel. On you can find out how to get cheaper car insurance, and when you have a cheaper car, you can still get from A to B, so why should you pay through the nose for something more expensive that does the same thing?

Do You Need All Of Those Material Goods?

There’s a story on about a guy who only works for 6 months a year, and spends the other six months cycling everywhere. Clearly, he doesn’t need all of the material goods in life. Do you need yours? Do you think that these things are making you happy? Or are they just distractions? Sure, we all have a little something that makes us feel good about ourselves, but do you need an abundance of these things? It’s worth thinking about.

Forming A Habit

When you make a sacrifice to cut back on the daily expenses in life, or getting rid of a lot of them entirely, it can be a big shock to the system. But, as time goes on, you begin to form habits, and these habits can stay with you for life. That’s the thing with having an abundance of money, but then needing to make savings, you’re used to a certain quality of life. But by limiting your quality of life in certain ways, it forces you to get creative to maintain said quality. It’s a cliché that people say they were happier when they were poor, but, based on what so many of us see in the news, it would appear that having a lot of money is not actually good for you. We know this deep down, and, that’s not to say you need to be living off breadcrumbs for the rest of your life, but surely the quality of life, by saving it for experiences, rather than presents, will prove to be a far better approach?

Extreme cutting back on expenses can be a big task, but if it’s for a good reason, then it’s worth you going without. But, it’s always worth thinking about what’s actually important in your life before you try to save up for something materialistic or superficial.

Jesse Fin

Jesse worked as a journalist for a large tv station in Korea in her past life. She now works full time at home as a blogger and loves to help her friends manage their personal budgets.

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