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5 Ways To Make Money With Your Vehicle

We’d all like a little bit more spending money in our pockets each week, and if you own a vehicle, you may be able to do just that. Your car or truck can be used for more than just driving yourself from Point A to Point B, and by following a few of the suggestions below, you can put your car or truck to good use earning you some money.

Use It For A Job

The easiest way to make money with your vehicle is by using it for a job. This could be delivering food for a local restaurant, delivering newspapers in the morning, working for a company like Lyft and giving people a ride, or using it to deliver packages. There are plenty of jobs that require the use of a vehicle, so if you have the free time, this is one avenue to consider. Keep in mind that if you are going to be using your car for a job, there may be additional insurance fees to look into, and you’ll need to spend more on gas. But if you can make the numbers work, this is a great option.

Advertise On It

Another option is to use the empty space on the outside of your car for advertising. If you own your own business, this is a great place to put an ad for it, that your whole town will see as you’re driving around. If not, you could contact another business and see if they are interested in renting out the space. You don’t have to put anything permanent on there, and instead use car stickers or wraps. Companies are always looking for innovative ways to marketing their product or service, so your car could be of value to them.

Sell It

Of course, your vehicle itself has some value, so if you need a quick influx of cash, you could always sell it. The amount you get for it will depend on how old the car is, how many miles are on it, what it looks like, and other factors. If you’ve kept your car or truck in good shape though, you should be able to get a decent return for it. You can find out the value of your vehicle here, and give yourself a rough idea as to how much you could get for it.

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Sell Your Vehicle For Parts

Maybe your car or truck isn’t currently working, and you think you are better off selling it for parts. This is a possibility, and if parts of your vehicle are still in good shape, you could probably get some good money from them. People who explore the selling car for parts route typically do so because their car or truck is beyond repair – maybe because it was in a bad car accident – and they want to get what they can for it. Assess the level of damage to your vehicle, and determine whether or not it is worth it to salvage some of the parts from it.

Live In It

Finally, when all else fails, you could always live in your car or truck. This would drastically limit the amount of money you are spending on rent and utilities, although it obviously would not be nearly as comfortable. Still, if you really want to cut costs – or perhaps you’re planning on taking a long road trip – the option exists for you. We wouldn’t recommend this as a long term solution, but it is yet another way to make money from your vehicle.

Explore All Of Your Options

When it comes down to it, if you really want to make some money from your vehicle, you just have to explore your options. Whether this means selling your car, using it for work, or sleeping inside it, there are plenty of paths for you to choose. Think about how much money you are looking to make, and then decide how best to use your vehicle to achieve that end. It may take a few sacrifices on your part, and even a little creativity, but in the end you’ll be getting more value out of your car, and putting it towards something that you really want or need.

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