5 Parts Of Your Business That You Can Automate

Automating parts of your business can be a massive help. Through automation, you can free up a lot more time to work on other important areas of your business. Certain areas of your business will be automated in different ways and for different reasons. With that in mind, here are the parts of your business that you can automate.


Automating your emails will save you a lot of time each day. You probably get loads of emails throughout the day and need to reply to most and read the others for information. If you automate your emails, then you can potentially save yourself hours of work each day. When you receive an email, you can have them automatically go into the folder of your choosing based on the content and title of the email. For example, if something is to do with finance, then it can go in the finance folder; if it is to do with employees, then it can go in that specific folder. You can be as specific as you like and your emails will automatically sort themselves. You can also have automated replies. When you go on holiday or are away from your emails, you can have an out of office reply stating when you will return. Making the most of email automation can save you a lot of time and energy.


There are areas of marketing that you can automate. You can set your social media accounts to send messages at regular times each day. You still need to choose the time and select what goes in the message, but beyond that you do not need to be present when the message goes live. This type of marketing automation allows you to plan your social media campaign in advance and then watch it play out in front of you. There is a time commitment to get everything ready, but it is well worth it and once you have prepared all of the messages you don’t need to do anything else.


There are certain payments that you can automate rather than having to remember to pay them each month. These are things like rent, utilities, internet and any other monthly recurring payment. You can set up a direct debit which will come out of your bank account on the same day each month to pay for whatever needs paying. This means that you don’t need to worry about paying your electricity bill on time as it will automatically leave your account on the same day each month. It also allows you to plan better because you know how much will leave your account and when it will go, you can then plan your finances around this. If you have something that can be an automated payment and you are still paying it manually, then you should switch to direct debits to save yourself time each month.


There are other elements of finance that you can automate. You can automate parts of your financial monitoring through using spreadsheets. In these spreadsheets, you can have them automatically calculate totals and summaries for each section. For example, you can have the spreadsheet total up all of your monthly costs or revenue and give you a single total figure. You will still need to enter the raw data, but the automation will save you a lot of time. It is also great for forecasting so that you can see in real time the effect that extra costs or income will have on your overall profits. If you don’t use something like this monitor your finances, then you can find plenty of templates and resources on the internet.


If you need to send letters to people, then you can automate them to make it much easier. These can be then be printed off or attached to emails. Once you have a template and what you want to say in your letter, you can automate it so that it changes the address and name of the person it is going to. This can all be done through Microsoft Word, and all you need is the template letter and a list of names and addresses. Once you have these, you can automate the letters with the click of a button. This makes sending letters much easier. These might thank you letters or cover letters for something else. Either way, automating their creation and personalization will make getting the job done far quicker. If you have Microsoft Word and send letters for any reason, then you should start using this technique.

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