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When Is It Time To Invest Money In Your Business?

One of the biggest problems with growing a business is the necessity to make investments. There are so many articles online that talk about how you can handle growth, invest in your business and much more but so few talk about figuring out exactly when to invest money. Timing is crucial in business. According to […]

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Candlestick charts applicability in Trading

Trading technical analysis is based on examining past price behavior in order to find a possible next trend and to determine the volatility. In this sense, employing graphs to represent historical price data is very effective. Among different kind of charts there are: bar charts, line charts, bubble charts and candlestick charts. This last one, […]

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Personal Investment: What are Your Options?

Personal Investment can essentially fall into two categories – investing financially in another business or person or simply investing in something specifically for you.  The tricky part is deciding precisely what to do with either of these options, as it is easy to become overwhelmed with indecision and uncertainty because of the many different ventures […]

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What to Know Before You Invest in Credit Card Companies

Confused about where to invest your extra dollars so that you can get significant return on investment?  You may think about investing in credit card companies.  But, make sure you don’t invest borrowed amount in it.  Credit card companies are good options only in case you have some extra money, though American consumers’ unwavering requirement […]

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