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What Types of Insurance Must Every Business Hold?

Just as you need to purchase a variety of different types of insurance for your personal needs, from life and health insurance, to auto and home insurance, your company also needs to have a few policies in place. In this way, you can fully protect your assets and your business against any lawsuits that are […]

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Insurance Bad Faith and Your Rights as a Homeowner

When you choose an insurance company for homeowners insurance, a contract is entered under which you have several rights.  One of these rights is to have the insurance company act in good faith when you file a claim.  Unfortunately, some insurance companies may be guilty of what is known as insurance bad faith.  This is […]

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Need to Dispute a Medical Bill? 5 Tips to Battle Your Insurance Company

The only people who enjoy dealing with health insurance claims are, well no one.  It is usually an emotionally-charged, frustrating, and often confusing discussion to have with someone over the phone.  Health insurance companies have the goal of paying out as little as they can.  You, as the recipient of health insurance, pay good money […]

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