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Should You Still Own a Car?

Remember when you got your first car?  Was it a ‘mommycar’? A hand-me-down, kid-hauler contributed by your mother with sticky seats, a tired motor, and a slush-box minus a gear, or two?  Was it ‘minivan green’ whose clearcoat was baked and flaked? Were you embarrassed the first time you drove it to school and suffered […]

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Collecting Is Investing: 10 Items Obtainable Today That Could Go up in Value in the Future

Every investor’s main aim is to invest in the things that bear amazing turnover with time. So do you, if you’re intending to venture into business, or if you’re in already. And in case you’re wondering what business to put your time and money in, consider the collectibles. There are a good number of collectibles […]

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