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Some of the Most Important Factors to Making Your Recurring Products

Recurring subscriptions and other payments have become more prominent as the average consumer has begun to rely more upon their technology.  The convenience that a “set it and forget” option provides consumers, and the fact that these recurring payments can appeal more to them, makes these options a prominent method of obtaining revenue for many […]

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Ways to Retaining Customers for the Long-term

Customer retention is a tricky thing for companies to master.  This is because customers have different expectations from a company.  What one customer may consider great customer service may be perceived as terrible customer service by another.  However, there are ways to keep customers around for the long-term.   1)  Provide Easy Online Shopping Options […]

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5 Reasons We Still Need Fax Services (But Not Fax Machines)

Traditional fax machines and services are fast fading.  Small businesses are rapidly switching to alternative messaging methods because they are quick and convenient.  This, however, doesn’t mean that faxing as a service is outdated or irrelevant.  If anything, they are becoming even more entrenched in the business and health sectors. Only this time, they have […]

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