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5 Ways Excellent Business Intelligence Can Benefit Your Business

“Intelligence” is a word that is rich with collective meaning. In one context, the dictionary definition of intelligence pertains to a human being’s ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills; in another, having “intelligence” means possessing a cache of information that has significant political or military value. Yet another branch of intelligence with key […]

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Is a Laser Processing Machine the Right Manufacturing Solution for Your Business?

If you’re in the manufacturing industry and you’ve been looking for newer and more cost-efficient technology to add to your business assets, then you may be considering to purchase a laser processing machine. However, maybe you’re not quite sure if it’s actually the right solution for you, and you might be experiencing some difficulty making […]

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What Is Free Cash Flow?

If you have a profitable business, that’s good news—but don’t celebrate just yet. To help you understand whether your business is headed for long-term growth or inching closer to bankruptcy, there are other metrics you need to calculate first. Like Free Cash Flow. While profit can tell you whether or not your business is headed […]

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Business Giants: 5 Unique Facts About Ali Baba Every Investor Should Know

In September of 2104, Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce company went public, and was the most significant US IPO, raising nearly 22 billion dollars. Alibaba’s plunge into the U.S. stock market made a huge splash and might even produce some exciting developments in the technology sector. Here are five unique facts about Alibaba that every investor […]

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