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Chantel Grant GM Law Firm Student Loans: The Consumer’s Advocate

It is not unusual for credit card companies and large student loan companies to engage in predatory practices that violate the rights of consumers. When consumers try to settle debts with credit card companies, debt collectors and private student loan companies, these creditors are so powerful, that the outcome will not favor the consumer.   […]

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The Difference in Supplies for a Paperless and Paper-Centric Business

Before the time of smartphones and advanced technology, all businesses operated using paper. They sent out letters through the mail, offered flyers and brochures as advertisements, mailed hard copies of bills, and otherwise used paper and the traditional mailing system as their means of communication. More and more companies are choosing to go paperless by […]

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Should You Still Own a Car?

Remember when you got your first car?  Was it a ‘mommycar’? A hand-me-down, kid-hauler contributed by your mother with sticky seats, a tired motor, and a slush-box minus a gear, or two?  Was it ‘minivan green’ whose clearcoat was baked and flaked? Were you embarrassed the first time you drove it to school and suffered […]

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