Living Without Money, Is it Possible?

Yes, you can and no, you can’t.  If you were to live in an urban setting, that would be a definite no.  I’m pretty sure there are no wild animals to hunt in New York, and no, you can’t eat the animals in the zoo.  If however, you decide to live in the mountains and go super tramp, you probably can – and if you want to get an idea of how, I recommend you can watch “Into The Wild”, a movie by Sean Penn (good movie!).

Let’s be realistic though, I am not about to persuade you to burn your money and set out into the wild penniless.  But let’s discuss it, because there is wisdom to be found within the wanderer’s life.  How do they live more with less?  Here are some of my ruminations:


1. They Are Satisfied with What They Have

A word of wisdom from Chuck Palahniuk, “The things you own end up owning you.  It’s only after you lose everything that you’re free to do anything.”  Amazing how true that was, here’s another quote.  It’s part of Lily Allen’s song, ‘The Fear’, it goes like this:  “I am a weapon of massive consumption, it’s not my fault, it’s how I’m programmed to function.”  We live in a society that beckons us to consume, to buy and buy and it turned us into selfish, materialistic creatures.  Vagabonds however, have learned to deny this selfish nature by being content with what they have.  In this, they are the richest because according to Socrates, “He is richest who is content with the least, for contentment is the wealth of nature.”

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2. They Don’t Covet What Their Friends Have

Another huge thing that drives consumers is envy.  Just because your friend has an iPhone 5 doesn’t mean you have to ditch your 3-week old iPhone 4S.  Didn’t you just discuss contentment, isn’t it the same thing with not being envious?  It’s cause and effect actually.  A content person will not envy, and an envious person will never be content.


3. Sharing is Caring

Not to go all CareBears on you, but ‘tis true.  If you watch the movie Into the Wild, you will see that it is in helping each other that they survive.  When one is in need, the community fosters help.  It is in trusting one another that deep relationships are built.  This trusting environment turns the act of surviving into thriving in a happy life.


4. A Simple Life is a Good Life

They don’t need much.  Actually, they only need the basic necessities of life and the rest is history – prestige, luxuries, gadgets, none of these futile pursuits matter.  What does matter are the things money can’t buy: family, true friends who’ve eventually become family, laughter, good conversation – no amount of money can buy the genuineness of these things.


5. Love Creation

The simplicity and the beauty of nature – that is all our ancestors needed.  The caveman did not need an iPad nor a Playstation to feel fulfilled and satisfied.  There is an awesome majesty in nature that the urban fellow has forgotten.  When the world was created, the Lord provided everything we needed.  Nothing was lacking.  I say it again, nothing was lacking.


Come to think of it, there is much to be learned from these people whom we look down on.  We hear of stories of people who’ve set out to live a life void of money and we laugh at them not knowing that there is much wisdom in their decisions.  If we apply these 5 philosophies to our own life and finances, I’m sure that it will help us enormously.


Kristen Francis Willis is a Financial Consultant by Profession.  From time to time, she does some side business with her photography skills.  She loves taking pictures, capturing every moment means a lot to her.  She’s currently building her reputation as an online writer of PFMP.

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 Living Without Money, Is it Possible?

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