Wondering How to Afford a Bankruptcy Lawyer When You Are Already Bankrupt?

When you get completely down and out on the financial front, and are ready to file for bankruptcy, what can pull you even lower is the thought of shelling out more money to hire one of the bankruptcy lawyers.  Against what most people believe, there certainly are ways by which you can afford these services without digging deep into your already scarce resources.

It does seem like a catch-22 when you file for bankruptcy.  On one side, you need someone who can represent you or your organization legally to make sure the entire process becomes smooth, while on the other, you are out of money, and if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be filing in the first place!  It often feels impossible to hire a lawyer for bankruptcy as it gets terribly difficult to find financial resources for paying the legal fees.

So, here are some tips that may help you in the tedious process of bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 for Bankruptcy Bankruptcy How Attorney in Wondering How to Afford a Bankruptcy Lawyer When You Are Already Bankrupt?

80x15 Wondering How to Afford a Bankruptcy Lawyer When You Are Already Bankrupt?
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Attorney Fees Can be Added to Repayment Plan Under Chapter 13

If you go for Chapter 13, your attorney fees can be added to the repayment plan.  This way there is no upfront payment that you make for the attorney’s services, instead you pay while you are working your complicated debt situation, which is protected by the respective courts.  In case you need to file for Chapter 7, you may get exemption from paying for certain kinds of debts such as credit card bills.  This money can be easily paid to the lawyer you hire.  A good attorney will always give you the details of the kinds of debts you should be fine not clearing.


Seeking Help from Non-profit Organizations

Another way of finding such lawyers and be able to afford them is to connect with someone who is willing to take your case at a very less rate or even for something like pro bono.  If you are surrounded by extenuating circumstances, you’re likely to fall prey to predatory lending or even if you belong to the class of people who are below the line of poverty, searching for an attorney who can help is definitely not impossible; having said that, in such cases a good word or a referral from any non-profit body or debt help organizations can work better and quicker compared to directly contacting them.

Few attorneys extend partial help in cases of bankruptcy.  For example, they will give few tips and advice before you file or they will take care of digging into the forms.  These services are very affordable and often don’t cost over few hundred dollars, rather than paying thousands of dollars for hiring a full-time professional lawyer for the entire process.

An Oakland bankruptcy lawyer can help you in dealing with your bankruptcy issues if you are in Oakland and planning to file for bankruptcy.

Of course, not all types of attorneys provide such limited service deals, but if you are able to find one of them, it would save you a good deal of money.

There also are few alternatives to going for a lawyer, but in this case caution is of prime importance.  In some states, there are help desks in local courts who advice those people who file for bankruptcy on their own.  You can always take their help.


This article is written by Ashley Hawkins.  A freelance writer from Salinas.  She loves to write articles about business proposal and legal issues.  You can follow her on twitter: @itsmeashley2013.

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 Wondering How to Afford a Bankruptcy Lawyer When You Are Already Bankrupt?

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  1. In the UK you can turn to the citizen advice bureau, they offer free help and a listing of paid services depending on your needs (since they don’t earn anything they are neutral in their recommendations).
    Pauline recently posted..Creating a website as an extra source of income.My Profile

    • Arnel Ariate says:

      Hi, Pauline. That’s great to know. It’s good to have options like that, such as access to unbiased legal advice about filing for bankruptcy. I’m not so sure about how it is though, here in the Philippines, when it comes to bankruptcy procedures.

  2. it’s really worth considerable thing what should anybody have to do if he is already Bankrupt, you have added an interesting article here. it may be helpful for many people, i want to say thanks for sharing this great post.

  3. Filing for bankruptcy is a serious step, requiring excellent advice and the right representation.
    Fresh Start Solutions recently posted..Single Men Biggest Bankrupt RiskMy Profile

  4. Nice post, This is means topic, Yes it is so wondering that hiring as bankruptcy attorney while you are already bankrupt. I think bankruptcy attorney already formulated about that. They just ask you fee that suitable to pay off. All important is that If bankruptcy still turns out to be the only option, you must evaluate which type of bankruptcy to file. Again, the nature of your financial problems (temporary/permanent) would be a crucial input in deciding this.

  5. If that is the only way is to hire a bankruptcy lawyer then you should find way how to pay for the lawyer because it cost for a high amount.

  6. This is very big question, how to hire bankruptcy lawyer when you are bankrupt. Probably you can consult first to bankruptcy lawyer what is the payment method.

  7. Hi, really many people are frightened by bankruptcy, and for good reason. Filing for bankruptcy can be a very stressful and fearful experience, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Having great Financial advice really help a lots in your process. Thanks for the great share of post.

    • Arnel Ariate says:

      You’re welcome. Bankruptcy scares me, too. Please, bankruptcy, go away from me. Go far, far away and don’t ever get near me less than a 1 km radius. :)

  8. There are many things to do when filing for bankruptcy, Make sure you will ask first from legal advice before making such a decision.
    Bankruptcy Australia recently posted..Australians Filing for Debt Agreements Reaches Record NumbersMy Profile

  9. Great question. I agree with the other comment. it would be necessary to get a good lawyer to handle your filing for bankruptcy.
    Bankrupt recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  10. How to afford bankruptcy lawyer when you are already bankrupt? You can ask for the help of your family to help you pay for the lawyer.


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