How Auto Insurance Companies Investigate Claims

Car accident claims involve a diverse range of situations, varying from claims that include property damage to those that focus on medical expenses.  There are also various factors considered such as the nature of the accident and the main culprit.  This makes the exact process of car accident investigation hard to detail out.  However, let’s take a look at general investigation practices commonly applied by car insurance companies.


Investigating the Claim

Upon filing your claim, a representative of the auto insurance firm will contact you to gather further information.  Most of the time, an insurance or claims adjuster will be the one to talk to you.  The insurance adjuster is responsible for investigating claims on behalf of the provider.

It is the job of the claims adjuster to find out everything about the accident.  You’ll be asked numerous questions, so the auto insurance adjuster can gain a complete understanding of the accident.

The adjuster may ask you to submit a copy of the police report and sign a medical release form to view your records.  He may also visit the site of accident, talk to witnesses, contact the other driver involved, inspect and evaluate your car for damages, take pictures of your vehicle and contact your medical providers.

There are lots of factors involved in every accident claim.  The claims adjuster will examine every aspect to determine what exactly happened and which party was at fault.  Your policy will be reviewed to ensure that your claim is covered and to check if the expenses are within your coverage limits.

You may be asked to take your car to an approved body shop for a repair estimate.  However, you’re free to choose your preferred body shop.  But if the insurance company deems the charge too high, then you’ll have to pay the difference.  Depending on your insurance firm and the type of coverage you carry, your provider may offer to manage your rental car accommodations or get your car towed if necessary.  Once you decide which shop will do the repairs and your insurer approves your claim, the repair phase will then begin.


Settlement Offer

After reviewing all essential information, the claims adjuster will determine the validity of your claim as well as the amount your insurer needs to pay.  For claims involving property damage only, the repairs will be done at a shop approved by the insurer.  The bill will go directly to your provider, which means that you’re not going to receive any payment from the carrier.  Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay any applicable deductibles.

In some cases, the adjuster will give you a settlement offer, which includes a breakdown of how much your insurer will pay you.  If you’re lucky, the company will pay for the entire amount of your expenses.  Remember that there are other available options in the event that you can’t reach an agreement with the claims adjuster.  You can choose to go for mediation or arbitration, or take your appeal to a small claims court or the adjuster’s supervisor.

The investigation process can be tough and confusing, so make sure not to hesitate in asking questions.  You’re paying those insurance premiums year by year for unexpected accidents, and so it’s your right to know what’s happening after you’ve filed a claim.  A good insurance company will be able to handle the situation professionally, prioritizing your welfare especially when it comes to medical-related injury claims.


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 How Auto Insurance Companies Investigate Claims

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  2. I find it useful! Settlement offer is the best way to claim your insurance.

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  4. So true, the investigation could be complicated so it’s better to speak up your mind and clear things that confuse you to ensure that you get the claims that you deserve.
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  8. Auto insurance companies have to investigate claims. Recently I did an article about fraudulent claims and the numbers is in the billions, and so many wonder why auto insurance costs are going up? And wonder why companies have to investigate claims?
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  10. It’s very hard to tolerate the questions asked by the insurance companies.Better to solve all your doubts at the time of taking car insurance .Best ways to find the car insurance companies go for their reviews given by their old customers.

    • Hi,

      I would have to disagree since the insurance companies are going to find out about your past history and credit whether you tell them or not. The other factors, like be married, or owning a home, parking in a secure spot is something you want to tell them so your auto insurance is mitigated. Reviews aren’t going to do much good either since there are many which have had a bad experience through filing a claim. Also, most get a rate hike for no reason because of other drivers bad habits so insurance firms raise rates based on everyone else. The best way around it is to use a car monitoring device as an example.
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      • Arnel Ariate says:

        Hi, Greg. I believe there is some value in reading the reviews by other customers although caution should always be taken on deciding which reviews to believe. Not every review you read is true but I think reviews are a good general indication of the quality of the product or service being reviewed. A car monitoring device sounds an excellent idea.

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  13. A comprehensive post! Understanding how insurance claims are processed and paid out can be confusing and frustrating. Thanks for taking the time to outline this!
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  14. Good article with lots of information. If possible try to take pictures and document any information about the accident you were involved in. Many insurance companies now have apps that will walk you through the process and these apps work quite well. Obviously many of the steps listed above are for those that have not been seriously injured.

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