Financial Impact Obama Election Will Have In 2013

Our financial beast of burden, currently called ‘political agenda’ for short, recently received four more years to accomplish the unthinkable: breathe new light into our taciturn economy. Believing for one second that current state of affairs will change tomorrow is ridiculous, especially listening to Obama’s 1:30 Press Conference on Wednesday stating the Dems and Reps must work together to iron the intricacies which would make the proposed tax freezes for 98% of America ready for enactment. Unfortunately, there is more to our current financial society than meets the eye, so sayeth the 700,000+ current petitions currently sitting in the White House for Americans to leave this country. Here’s the financial quagmire to prepare for as 2013 begins:

Job Growth Freezes

asian crisis Financial Impact Obama Election Will Have In 2013

80x15 Financial Impact Obama Election Will Have In 2013
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Obviously, there cannot plausibly exist some mannerism where companies begin flaunting jobs unless these jobs are melded on domestic soil.  For every outsourced job, regardless of how much corporations believe they’re saving, three more Americans go into debt.  Unless some miraculous turn of events were to transpose the current obvious condition of financial affairs within our country, it’s safe to say that you’ll either need to flip burgers, start junking copper, or run for your life as job growth will freeze, period.

ObamaCare Will Not Be Repelled

The financial world slipped into some cataclysmic vortex when the mandated healthcare package, mandatory for all Americans by 2014, was unleashed like some locked up fire beast.  As many Republicans tried to repeal this government financial dagger, Obama stood by his guns and believed it would launch our economy out of hellish doldrums.  So far, 32 months of positive job growth have been posted in our economy.  We patted him on the back and renewed his lease for 4 more years.  The ObamaCare patriarch will not be repelled, regardless of our Republican controlled House.  Get over it.

Debt Increases 80% in Families

Of course, this is just some flagrant guess, yet the debt in America will only get worse as more creditors foolishly get greedy.  Interest rate hikes won’t happen because of new credit card reform locking rates as they are with only potential for going south, not up.  The fact no jobs are available will thwart the middle class family’s attempt to get away from using their credit cards to the max which, of course, brings their current interest rate – regardless of how low – into play.  Less will be coming in, more payments will be going out and sinking in debt will headline the next year in America.

Too Little, Too Late

The government could potentially shoot for second rounds of stimulus funding for America which will help your neighbor buy more beer, the cool kids get tech toys yet will not nearly be enough to dig the hard-working family out of their pits of hellish debt. Taxing the middle class even more, of course, would be the Republican way yet it pales in comparison to our government throwing new reform just as 2013 closes which could be too late.

Of course, our calendar is supposed to run out in December, negating the need for our administration to take any action whatsoever.  That should solve most of our financial woes in one swipe, no?

The New Year, Yet Nothing Financially New

Brace for impact as our new year quickly approaches and the scramble to throw some tax package savior in America’s face heats up.  If you have gold, silver or even palladium, you may want to keep onto it from now on as it could be the currency of choice when our 15th largest world economy, Texas, decides to secede from America and take the majority of oil pipelines with them.

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 Financial Impact Obama Election Will Have In 2013

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